A little theater was always present

A little theater was always present

The members of the herzogenaurach kolping family went to the site of the foundation on the second saturday in january. 150 years ago, on 12. January 1870, the journeymen’s association, predecessor of the kolping family, was founded in the inn "zum walfisch", now "bucher media& more" launched from the baptism.

Dieter lohmaier, chairman of the kolping family, gave an overview of the program for the jubilee year 2020. In addition, the history of the origin of the kolping family was briefly outlined.

An eventful history

The objectives of the newly founded association, which goes back to the priest adolph kolping (1813 to 1865) from kerpen, can be seen from the articles of association. The basis of the association’s life was to stimulate and challenge the moral and religious life, and through the education of the journeymen it was hoped to create a "decent and honorable" society cultivating masters. This was to be achieved by regular meetings in a suitable location for discussions and short lectures.

The board of directors consisted of the prases, who always had to be a clergyman appointed by the bishop, the viceprases, the secretary, a treasurer, the teachers of the association and the librarian. The journeymen were represented by the journeymen’s committee, which was made up of a senior and the stewards.

The statutes also show that the association was primarily responsible for single journeymen and that master craftsmen were only accepted as honorary members. For its time, the club behaved in an almost revolutionary way despite its sectarian orientation. The articles of association also allowed protestant journeymen to join the club, an early idea of ecumenism in herzogenaurach. The statutes ended with the motto "god bless the honorable craft"!", signed by the then chaplain korber and georg hildel as senior.

Changing venues

Playing the theater was an early part of the journeymen’s club, and as early as 8. April 1872 a theater performance took place in the clubhouse. In the following years, the foundation festival was celebrated in july with a church procession followed by a festival in the weihersbach and was a fixed point in the annual program.

For the first time on 19. March 1891 on the patronal feast of saint joseph a procession with music was held from the clubhouse to the church and after the service on the same way back to the clubhouse. This event was also held in the following years and is still an integral part of the presentation of the association to the public.

New clubhouse

In the early years, the staudigel’sche inn "zum "walfisch" was the main building of the association was used for the meetings, took place on the 14. July 1901 the change to the brewery glab, where the clubhouse remained until june 1922. The new building of the club house provided accommodation for the ever growing club from this year onwards. One of the most important tasks of the local journeymen’s associations was to look after the members passing through, as was the case in herzogenaurach. In the early years, the meetings were held in a room in the "zum walfisch" inn housed.

From 1900 onwards, the then landlord of the "zur krone" inn provided the association with a new restaurant, christoph bauer, the lodging, from 1910 to 1922 the owner of the "lowen" inn, peter rommelt. From 1922 there was the possibility to let the traveling companions lodge in the christian clubhouse.

In 1930, the association celebrated its 60th anniversary. In that year the number of members reached 300, including 116 active members, 170 passive members, and 14 honorary members. Only three years later the situation had changed fundamentally.

The compulsory purchases of the national socialists brought strong restrictions with itself, the flags could be shown no more openly, a closed appearance had become impossible.

The clubhouse could also no longer be used. The assets of the association and the flags were donated to the parish in order to preserve them for a better time.

New start after the war

Already on the 10. In june 1945, the town priest leonhard ritter was able to continue the work of the association before the third reich with 30 kolping members in the marienkapelle. The theater group also returned to action, enriching the 600th anniversary celebration in 1949 with the historical play "the guild master of nurnberg". A continuous association work brought the growth of the members with itself, starting from 1972 also women were allowed to join the kolping family. In 1976, the number of members exceeded 200.

The beatification of adolph kolping in rome in october 1991 was also a high point for herzogenaurach. This was an appropriate tribute to the work of the father of the journeymen, which had been fruitful almost all over the world.

New tasks for the association

On the occasion of the 125th anniversary of the founding of the kolping family in herzogenaurach, a ceremony was held on 1 january 2009.July 1995 a colping bust between the small and the big hospital was inaugurated. For this purpose, landesprases monsignor hans stadler and diozesanprases gunter kiebwetter came to herzogenaurach to inaugurate the memorial together with kolpingprases dean hans sterzl. The bavarian state minister for education and culture, hans zehetmair, gave a speech on sunday after a festive service in weihersbach.

The original tasks, such as adult education and social security, especially for journeymen craftsmen, have changed over the course of time. Every tuesday evening a varied program is offered, which is open for every interested person. The emphasis in the present time is on adult education with social and socio-political topics. In addition, local history and folklore are also taken into account.

Fixed points

Other fixed program items are the old clothes collection, the josefifeier (around the 19. March), the family sunday (august) as well as the diozan pilgrimage to marienweiher and the kolping commemoration day (around the 8th of march). December). The annual may devotions are held alternately in a house of worship in the surrounding area.

In addition, the kolping family is integrated into the structure of the local parish and is characterized by its active participation in parish life. Kolping members are particularly active on fronleichnam and at the parish festival.

The kolping family always makes up a large part of the audience at the parish’s community events.


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