Dieter funfstuck is now officially retired

Dieter funfstuck is now officially retired

Actually, dieter funfstuck has already been out of professional life for five years. He spent this time in the "couch phase" he spent part of his retirement. But his boss konrad unsleber did not officially bid him farewell until yesterday: funfstuck worked in the surveying office for no less than 47 professional years, 42 of them as a technician and. Technical draftsman. And unsleber has always appreciated him for his reliability, his diligence and his conscientiousness, he emphasized at the ceremony.

Dieter funfstuck, who will perform on 17. The man who first saw the light of day in hammelburg on october 1947 was born on 2 october 1947. August 1965, he joined the surveying office as a technical draftsman and has remained true to his profession all his life. He experienced tremendous technical changes during this time. The most exciting thing for him in the 90s was the switch from manual to digital drawing. But even when he was no longer working at the drawing board but at the computer, he was responsible for mapping of all kinds, among other things. Later he was for a long time a contact person in the law office, where his competence in dealing with the public paid off in particular.
For decades, funfstuck has dedicated his private life to nature conservation and the state association for the protection of birds. And in this field he simply has no time for retirement."


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