“Harmonic brass” inspires in the monastery church

A concert by harmonic brass shortly before christmas ensured a completely filled frauenaurach monastery church. The listeners were taken into a cosy, christmassy mood.

Since 1991, the formation of five musicians has been providing a coarse, elegant brass sound around the globe with arrangements of well-known and popular pieces for brass instruments. "Without an advent concert by harmonic brass, it won't really be christmas for me", hornist and moderator andreas binder quoted one listener. Amusingly he also knew how to introduce his fellow players. About when he loves two angels, hans zellner and gergely lukàcs, to blow the concerto in C major (RV 537) by vivaldi.

"Comforts zion" gives power
A christmas concert is hardly imaginable without contributions by johann sebastian bach. His setting of "wachet auf ruft uns die stimme" (wake up, the voice calls us) sounded through the blowers scattered around the room. From the thomas cantor was also "ich steh' an deiner krippen hier" (i stand at your manger here) and from the christmas oratorio "ruler of heaven hear the call" as well as "now you are well smelled".

The program naturally included pieces from the messiah by georg friedrich handel. Andreas binder had a lot to say about him, too. When namlich handel on 21. August 1742, his gaze is said to have wandered sleeplessly through his apartment, glancing at a manuscript and especially at the passage "trostet zion" be fallen. This released unimagined energies in him, so that he put the music for the messiah on paper in 22 days. The arranged result of "trostet zion!" As well as "all tale makes high and lofty" and "for a child is born to us" could be heard in any case. "A rose has sprung" by michael praetorius brought contemplative mood to the house of worship.

With "they hove lipperl, xaverl and anderl and were shepherds in the manger, the first who came to the newborn child. Shepherds and christmas are one" led binder to the pastorale from arcangelo corelli's concerto grosso op. 6, nr. 8 g minor uber. You almost thought you could hear and see them slowly walking towards the stables. The story of the family of tubist manfred haberlein from neunhof and the extensive use of walkie-talkies by his parents was interspersed to lighten the atmosphere.

A chance for hans zellner
Also trumpeter hans zellner got his chance. "For years, the only wish on his wish list has been: "I would like to blow the gloria", binder knew to report. "Otherwise he will be bose for the whole year", he also said. "Pretend you like the piece!" Which was certainly not difficult for the listeners, because the arrangement by french star trumpeter maurice andre filled the whole church hall with its bright sound.

For binder, it's very important that adults can learn from children about the excitement of christmas. Into the potpourri "du schone kinderweihnacht" the five musicians had packed a lot of familiar tunes. "I think you have enough imagination to imagine a weibe gegend for 'winter wonderland'", was the transition to the next piece by felix bernard.

And where there is snow, you can also go sledding, he was convinced. For "sleigh ride by leroy anderson this was certainly not difficult for the listeners. The exit after an encore was celebrated by the brass band with the contemplative piece "zu bethlehem geboren".


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