Karzai suspects planned action behind rampage

Karzai suspects planned action behind rampage

It was not just one soldier alone who was involved, karzai said on friday without elaborating, as reported by local station "ariana TV". Karzai accused the U.S. Of poor cooperation in resolving the bloodbath that killed 16 civilians. The act had caused great uproar in the country.

In a telephone call with U.S. President barack obama, karsai also agreed on the withdrawal date for foreign troops from afghanistan, according to the white house. After the recent irritations, both politicians confirmed the 2014 date in a telephone conversation on friday. Until then, full responsibility for security in the hindu kush should be placed in the hands of afghan troops. 14 people killed in turkish military helicopter crash in kabul.

The federal government pledged to strictly adhere to the agreed timetable for withdrawal from afghanistan with a target date of 2014. What has been agreed internationally and also with the afghan side applies, government spokesman steffen seibert stressed in berlin on friday. Following the outrage in afghanistan over the burning of koranic inscriptions by american militants and the rampage by the U.S. Soldier, karzai had already talked about withdrawing international troops before 2014.

Twelve turkish soldiers and two afghan girls were killed when a turkish helicopter crashed into an apartment building in the afghan capital on friday. According to the turkish military and the international security force isaf, there were no indications that the helicopter could have been shot down by the taliban. For turkey it was the heaviest loss since the beginning of the hindu kush operation. A spokesman for the defense ministry explained that according to the agreements, responsibility for the facilities in afghanistan is to be handed over by 2013. After that, it would take another 12 to 18 months to withdraw the german units completely.

According to a survey, the majority of germans are in favor of a faster withdrawal of the german armed forces from afghanistan than previously planned. 57 percent favor withdrawal before 2014. According to ARD’s "deutschlandtrend," one-fourth (26 percent) want to stick to the agreed 2014 date. 12 percent were in favor of a later date.

The former UN special envoy for afghanistan, tom koenigs, advocated a withdrawal from afghanistan as early as 2013. "It is possible. If the afghans have the confidence to do this, they should follow suit," the green politician said on ARD’s "morgenmagazin" program. The recent events had diminished the value of the international troops. "People no longer have any confidence."

Meanwhile, more details are coming to light about the circumstances of the U.S. Soldier’s rampage. "In the end it will be a combination of stress, alcohol and domestic problems, he just snapped," the "new york times" quoted a senior u.S. Government official as saying. His lawyer john henry browne, on the other hand, sees the blame on the side of the government.

The 38-year-old had been wounded twice in iraq, "and he wasn’t sure if he was healthy enough to be reinstated". The spree killer, who was initially taken to a U.S. Military base in kuwait, was on his way to the U.S. On friday, according to U.S. News network CNN. Karzai criticized this decision of the americans. The perpetrator must be tried in afghanistan, the president demanded.


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