Gambling debts turn 32-year-old into a thief

Gambling debts turn 32-year-old into a thief

In order to pay off his large gambling debts, a man, now 32 years old, went to the. July 2017 came up with a stupid idea. At noon, he stole 44 cell phones worth 24,460 euros and 300 euros in cash from a cell phone store in habfurt, where he himself worked as an employee.

But the thief from the bamberg district was quickly identified. Now he was to answer at the district court in habfurt, but did not appear.

According to the prosecuting attorney, ilker ozalp, the perpetrator, who has no previous convictions, made partial reparation for the damage. However, damages of 14,239 euros are still outstanding.

Since the defendant did not appear at the main hearing, ozalp received a so-called "session penalty order". The offender will be sentenced to one year’s probation plus a fine to be determined at the discretion of the court. He also has to make amends for the damage he caused.

The 32-year-old can appeal against the penalty order. But then he has to sit in the dock himself.


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