Mayor andreas sandwall is full of optimism

Bad bocklet’s mayor andreas sandwall (CSU) is full of optimism about the year 2020. In his speech at the new year’s reception, he also recommended this to all citizens of mitburg in view of the positive development of the market town. The highlight of the social kick-off of the year, which was again attended by guests from politics and business, honorary citizens and volunteers, was the awarding of long-serving firefighters and the congratulations of the municipality to mitburger for outstanding achievements. The music band of bad bocklet played under the direction of arno holzheimer.

In remembrance of the year 2019 with catastrophic fires in the amazon and australia, with demonstrations in hong kong, the right-wing extremist attack in halle and the assassination of kassel’s government president walter lubcke, sandwall said: "the world is becoming more and more insane. How far have we come, if now mayors already want to arm themselves??"

In bad bocklet, on the other hand, the world is fine. "We have never had any problems living together with our asylum seekers." From the rude of this world, of which he named boris johnson and his brexit-plans ("it is high time that this misery finally has an end."), bad bocklet’s mayor moved to the little ones of the bocklet market community and expressed his joy that after distributing the swimming course vouchers, 28 non-swimmers have now made their seahorse badge.

As an example of a successful year, he mentioned the first trainee fair in 2019 with 28 exhibitors, which was able to increase to 43 exhibitors the second time last saturday. The 2018 financial budget had a "very good result and no new debt", but by further debt reduction the average debt per inhabitant could be printed to only 200 euro. "We were already at 1600 euros", he reminded the guests.

Good financial situation

The good financial situation also makes it possible to gradually equip the fire departments of the local districts with new equipment and vehicles in accordance with the fire department requirements plan drawn up the previous year. An LF20 fire engine has been purchased for the state baths fire department for just under 390,000 euros, and an LF10 will follow for steinach.

Cultural highlights such as the summer festival of the local radio station bayern 1, progress in commercial development, new infrastructure measures such as the 515,000 euro, 30 meter long bridge over the aschach river "our golden gate bridge" – or the workshops for the construction of the planned kindergarten in steinach and the elementary and middle school in the state baths with an additional multi-purpose hall ("we have to build one, the old one is dilapidated."), the designation of new building areas, the redesign of playgrounds in all parts of the town and much more were positive signs for the further successful development of the market town. "I am therefore absolutely optimistic about 2020. There is no reason to think otherwise."

State parliament member sandro kirchner (CSU) shared this view. "Here you can see how well things can develop. So you don’t need to be afraid of the future." Kirchner thanked all the volunteers for their voluntary work during their free time: "they are the soul and the face of your market town."

District administrator thomas bold (CSU) also confirmed that bad bocklet is "indispensable as a health and business location in the district", the strong growth in the laboratory sector is particularly significant.

In cooperation with kirchner, he wants to ensure that the necessary trainees can no longer go to vocational school in wurzburg, but soon in bad kissingen. Bold praised the voluntary work of all fire departments. A county with a surface area of 1100 square kilometers and a diameter of 80 kilometers needs these volunteers. "We cannot afford a full-time fire department of this size." Bold also thanked all the other volunteers: "the quality of life in a community is determined by the fact that there are people who do more than what is necessary."


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