“Excellent career prospects” for morticians

Cars with "CUX" license plates like cuxhaven all the way in the north to "SIG" like sigmaringen in the very south of germany stood on friday in the parking lot of the johann-philipp-von-schonborn-gymnasium. They belonged to the 116 young women and men who had completed their training as funeral directors and had now come back to munnerstadt for the release ceremony of the chamber of handicrafts of lower franconia.

Three years of training

This training takes three years. Depending on where they are trained, the trainees have to attend two to three-week blocks of vocational school in bad kissingen, springe (lower saxony) or wermelskirchen (north rhine-westphalia), as well as three in-company courses at the federal training center for undertakers in munnerstadt (theo remmertz academy). Two of the courses last two weeks each, one lasts one week.

"This is your day today, you can proudly look back on a qualified education. Skilled workers are always in demand, district administrator thomas bold (CSU) was pleased. He expressed his thanks for the excellent cooperation between the training center in munnerstadt and the state vocational school in bad kissingen. He hopes that the graduates will also have gained a good impression of the region and perhaps come back one day.

One step ahead

The skilled trades must recruit skilled workers "our dual training system is a success story in the economy". It is regrettable that many parents are of the opinion that "the profession only really begins with studies and as an academic". The average good craftsman is definitely a step ahead of many academics in terms of lifetime earnings. Bold wished them "much success, all the best and god’s blessing".

Christian streidt, the president of the federal association of german morticians, congratulated not only. He also emphasized: "they are now well trained professionals, but the learning now starts all over again, and indeed lifelong." He gave the young morticians the following message: "the most important thing in our profession remains the support of the grieving people. Our profession is not just a job, but a vocation. Humanity is needed."

Excellent career prospects

Walter heublein, president of the chamber of handicrafts in lower franconia, emphasized: "you are working in an industry with excellent career prospects." He also thanked the companies that had provided the training, which had made a significant contribution to the award. This industry is one of the few that does not have to fight for new blood, because all apprenticeship positions are taken. He emphasized "education and training in the craft are on the same level as an academic career".

Claas pohlmann, spokesman for the graduates, kept it short and thanked the instructors and lecturers "who have taken us as we are". School and education were not always easy." The self-posed question "would we do this education again in exactly the same way??", he answered with a clear "yes and got a lot of applause.

When rosina eckert read out the names of all 116 new funeral professionals one after the other, it became clear once again that they come from all corners of the federal republic. Many of them completed their training in their parents’ company and will probably take it over one day. By the way, the vast majority of the graduates, namely 31, come from north rhine-westphalia. Followed by lower saxony with 18 and bavaria with 13. The president of the chamber of handicrafts and the president of the federal association of morticians presented them with their certificates. Several of them also received certificates for very good performance at the vocational school. The best apprentices, janina meissner from hanover, celina tollner from tubingen and, in absentia, benjamin berger from koln, were also honored.
Not to forget: the duo barbara moritz matthias klink provided the festive frame for this event.


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