Ebern hopes for demand funds for the open-air swimming pool

Two local insights were on the agenda of the building committee of the city of ebern on wednesday. Once in frickendorf on a building application by a contractor in the food industry and secondly at the ebern open-air swimming pool, where it was a matter of renovating the facility.

At the outdoor pool, erik grob, managing director of the company aquatec from ebern, informed the members of the committee about what is necessary to apply for the federal demand program "renovation of municipal facilities in the areas of sports, youth and culture", to be announced. Mayor jurgen hennemann (SPD) explained that a project sketch had to be drawn up for this by the end of october. Hennemann: "we as a city want to throw our hat into the ring for this demand program." There were various programs of the federal government with funding amounts of 45 to 75 percent. "If this were to come, it would be a fine thing", erik grob, the expert for swimming pool technology, explained.

Hennemann made it clear that the city could not afford a general renovation of the open-air swimming pool. This is put on hold. Martin lang from the construction office of the ebern administrative community (VG) noted that the city had already invested a lot in the open-air pool since 2010. The mayor added that the outdoor pool is excellent overall and has good water quality.

Erik grob explained that his company had prepared a small study for the application to the demand program, on the basis of which he showed that improvements in the open-air swimming pool could reasonably be made in two construction phases. On the one hand, there are improvements in the children’s sector and, on the other, in the area of seniors and sports. According to him, the power supply of the swimming pool is not in conformity with the standards. "The filter technology is also getting on in years, but the water quality is still good," he said, he said.

Above all, one must take a look at the power engineering in the coarse basin, which is still regulated by hand by the employees. With a cross flow a reasonable control could be achieved.

Further, he explained roughly that a demand program for environmental technology does not contradict other programs. He and hennemann said construction phase one would cost about 800,000 euros, and construction phase two would cost 700,000 euros.

The technical room of the open-air pool was visited. Erik grob: "this place was renovated ten years ago, the measuring technology dates back to the 90s and is no longer state of the art." In order to regulate everything, a lot of work has to be done. Here, mayor jurgen hennemann praised the staff of the open-air swimming pool, whose expertise enabled them to make appropriate arrangements.

When could one expect the execution of the presented construction phases, councilor andreas molter (E) wanted to know. If one comes into the demand program, could be begun in the autumn 2021, said erik grob. Mayor hennemann said that it could take two to three years until everything is ready.

The building application of the city of ebern for the construction of a new fire station with a village community center in unterpreppach was discussed. Hennemann said that this had already been discussed in detail at a town hall meeting. "I would like to clarify one thing. The decision that we give our consent to the building application does not mean that we can build." But this decision was necessary to be able to apply to the office for rural development for funds.

According to the mayor, the plan has been agreed with all future users. A demand share of 80 to 90 percent is expected for the area of the village community center, which is to become the center of the village of unterpreppach. This requirement does not apply to the fire department, where there is a separate.

Martin lang presented the planning to the committee. Councillor markus fausten (CSU) pointed out that certain minimum requirements had to be taken into account for the fire department. In response to a question from city councilor karin kaiser (SPD), the mayor said that the local clubs would receive the current plan once again. Hennemann named the costs, which total 1.6 million euros. "400,000 to 500,000 euros will be spent on the fire department, 1.1 to 1.2 million on the village hall", he said. The committee gave its consent to the construction plan.

In frickendorf, waldemar schoppel is planning to build a new warehouse and staff quarters on rauenecker weg. The applicant explained his ideas to the committee on the spot, which martin lang explained. The consent of the municipality was given on the condition that a drainage plan is still to be submitted. "Here, the applicant can also benefit from the forder program ‘insides instead of pigeons’, because it belongs to the food industry," he said, said the mayor.

At the request of harald pascher (FDP), second mayor of ebern and traffic commissioner for the city of ebern, and in consultation with the police, the "cul-de-sac" sign will be installed on the sutte in ebern set up. Since navigation systems guide vehicles that want to get to the mobile home park into the sutte, there are always problems with turning and maneuvering in the cul-de-sac there.

Deliberations and decisions were made for the development plan in bahnhofstrabe, concerning the new state building directorate, comments and objections from authorities and burgers. The building committee passed numerous interim resolutions on the comments made and the administration’s responses to them. Among other things, the forestry commissioner i. R., eberhard ponader, suggested to think about wooden construction for the building. The committee buried this suggestion and hopes that the proposal will be taken into account appropriately.

Information was provided on an announcement by the community of participants in ebern III that each participant is to be compensated for the value of the land they have contributed, for which a valuation is to be carried out. In the next few weeks, an expert will carry out this calculation, the committee was told.


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