Venezuela: maduro accepts talks with opposition

Venezuela: maduro accepts talks with opposition

Ready for a dialogue with the opposition. This should take place on neutral ground in the dominican republic.

Dialogue should serve "peace and democracy in venezuela," maduro said. The mediation was initiated by former spanish prime minister jose luis rodriguez zapatero and the eagle minister of the dominican republic, miguel vargas. Both emphasized in a statement that this could provide an opportunity for reconciliation.

However, the opposition criticized maduro for not accepting the release of political prisoners so far – they therefore want to talk about the conditions before a real dialogue takes place. At the end of 2016, the last attempt at dialogue had failed.

Since april, there have been mass protests against the socialist maduro, more than 120 people have died. Following the establishment of a constitutional assembly, which as the supreme organ of the state has ousted the opposition-dominated parliament, numerous states accused maduro of establishing a dictatorship. The assembly, dominated by the socialists, has passed a series of resolutions since august. The critical attorney general, luisa ortega, was deposed, and opposition politicians face long prison sentences.

Time and again, the "mesa de la unidad democratica" (MUD) alliance, which consists of around 20 parties, accused maduro of tactics and of not wanting a genuine dialogue. Most recently, during his trip to colombia, pope francis also urged maduro to respect human rights and democracy. "I believe that dialogue is the only way to overcome the differences, (…) to help venezuela recover economically as soon as possible," maduro now said. The country with the world’s largest oil reserves is shaken by a deep crisis, with shortages of food and medicine everywhere.


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