Realschule teacher edgar krapp continues to stand on his head

Realschule teacher edgar krapp continues to stand on his head

Everybody was a schoolboy. We all remember schoolmates, teachers, pranks, reprimands or curious situations. Many former students of the staffelsteiner realschule remember the headstands of teacher edgar krapp, in addition to the ski course and the school field trip.

The acrobatics on the lectern are not a joke for him, however, but rather a customary means of teaching biology. Edgar krapp demonstrated the function of the feeding tubes in a handstand: you can also eat and swallow in this body posture. Standing on his head he took a banana or a liver sausage sandwich and proved that the food is printed into the stomach by muscles.

When edgar krapp goes shopping somewhere in the staffelsteiner land or when he visits the obermain thermal baths, he is sometimes addressed by former schoolchildren: "you're the one with the headstand!" This being recognized amuses him every time very: "the headstand is just my trademark."

"You have to like the schools
Edgar krapp likes his schoolchildren. He has been a teacher for over 40 years and teaches earth science and biology. "If the subjects are hobbies at the same time, you are almost a good teacher", he jokes. And more seriously he continues: "you have to be enthusiastic about your subjects, that is much more important than the knowledge from the university – and you have to like the students", because that is more important than pedagogy and psychology, is his point of view.
Edgar krapp has been a teacher since 1971; he started at the ebrach secondary school and has been teaching at the staffelstein secondary school since 1978.

He can describe why he took up this profession in a few fitting words: "I had 13 years of practical experience with the subject of school. But the lessons given by the world war veterans were so bad that I said to myself: you can do better than that."

As a teacher, you stand in front of the class and act as a role model and educator. But when you leave university, you're not a finished teacher. Teaching practice has to be learned. This is the experience that edgar krapp has had, and year after year he has worked on getting better. After more than four decades as a teacher, he sums it up this way: "it took me many years to become confident in teaching and to maintain discipline at the same time."

He always tried to give the lessons a special touch, to interest the students, to inspire them. In the 1980s, for example, he loaded ten schoolchildren into his camper van and took them to the morgenbuhl above loffeld to look after the biotope. "Thank god for the city bus", he says this eliminated the need for a private motor home.

He also remembers that, as a young teacher, he once attached a leech to a student in biology class, for demonstration purposes. The leech promptly hit a vein and became so engorged that it burst. Succinct comment in retrospect: "the next teacher was not so happy about the mess."

Edgar krapp succeeds in bringing variety into the lessons with wordplay and situational comedy. Especially in the last ten years, he has had a lot of fun with his job. "Those were my best professional years, he says.

When young colleagues today complain about the poor level of schoolchildren, edgar krapp advises them to "see in the children a human being who can develop further."

"The schoolchildren, he says "are no more difficult today than they were in the past before, they're just difficult in a different way," he says. They used to play pranks and stick together as a class against the teacher. Today, he says, they are less concentrated, more restless and less able to work under pressure. Why? "Probably because of media overload."
Doing homework is also more difficult for today's schoolchildren than for those of previous generations. Edgar krapp therefore feels that the development toward all-day school is a good thing "it has to come".

Together with schoolchildren
Edgar krapp sums up the past school year as a liaison teacher as having been very enjoyable for him. As a teacher, he was able to listen to the problems of the students and work with them to find solutions. He was also involved in organizing the school carnival and the summer festival, which suited his nature very well. The "pausenverkauf" he was also able to accompany this development, which is associated with many fond memories for him "because the pupils were happy to take part".

The 64-year-old will certainly not be bored in retirement. As the grandfather of seven grandchildren, his headstand will certainly still be in great demand. The enthusiastic alpinist edgar krapp will have more time for his hobbies in the future. Outdoor sports are very important to him: ski hill climbing, long-distance running, can yoning and cave climbing are his disciplines.

Travel presentations with pictures
He always has his camera with him. Because edgar krapp is an enthusiastic photographer. As a lecturer for the bamberg section of the german alpine association, he has been responsible for exhibitions and lectures for 20 years. "Travel has developed into photography", he tells. That's how he came to show light-picture lectures in superimposition technique. He compiles the pictures he brings to a lecture each time. Edgar krapp finds an audience at the alpine club, but also at the VHS lichtenfels and bamberg.

New chapter in his life
After more than 40 years of teaching, edgar krapp doesn't feel too old to teach, but he's looking forward to the new phase of his life, because "enough is enough.

He leaves the staffelsteiner realschule with one cheerful and one sad eye, because the atmosphere in the college is worth its weight in gold. And in the past ten years he has had very pleasant bosses at this school. It is not by chance that the proverb "when it's at its worst, you should stop" is recommended. On 22. February will be edgar krapp's last day at school.

The headstand wakes you up
However, he liked to continue practicing his famous headstand even as a retiree. For many years, he has been doing this at home during his morning yoga training: "it really wakes you up."

The headstand always works and causes amazement. Edgar krapp learned this some time ago when he had to go into hospital. A nurse – one of his former students – approached him, recognized him and spoke to him about his acrobatic talent. The patient immediately proved that he is still fit: "the headstand is possible even with infusion."


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