New building with wooden cladding

New building with wooden cladding

The village of steinbach in marktleugast is to get a new fire station and village community room. In the marktleugast market town council meeting, architect harald schramm presented the exact plans. Among the 19 listeners to the public part of the meeting, there were probably 16 interested citizens of steinbach. Schramm pointed out numerous preliminary discussions with the people of steinbach, the eon, dorfentwicklung in bamberg, the government of upper franconia and the district administration office. The area of the fire station will cover about 100 square meters and the attached village community room with kitchen and toilet 107 square meters. All entrances and exits will be barrier-free. In addition, a number of seating areas are to be created in the pit area.

New building with wooden cladding

As schramm explained, several building designs were considered, with saddle roofs planned for both areas. The entrance will be from the village pond and the playground. The building parts are to be built in wood construction and the roofs are to be provided with wooden cladding, so that the new building fits in well with the appearance of the village. The goal is to make the whole thing energy-efficient. Heating is to be provided by a heat pump, with an additional stove in the common room. The existing playground remains. Eight parking spaces, one of which is handicapped accessible, are to be built on the property from the dorfstrabe. Before construction work can begin, a soil survey is required.
Architect harald schramm announced in coordination with mayor franz uome that the plans will be presented in detail to the people of steinbach in a meeting of the castle and that the municipal councils will be invited to attend. The plan is now to prepare the request for proposals by the summer vacations in order to carry out the tender in the winter and then to start in the spring of 2017.
According to initial estimates, schramm put the construction costs at around 330,000 euros, not including excavation work. To reduce the costs, the village community will make a large contribution of its own, while the community’s own contribution is to be kept as low as possible.
"We have come to a good result", mayor franz uome expressed his satisfaction and is optimistic about the next steps.


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