Hobby artists show their creativity in herzogenaurach

Hobby artists show their creativity in herzogenaurach

Colorful lights, flower arrangements, candles and tree decorations – the christmas atmosphere in the herzogenaurach clubhouse was unmistakable. Freely after the motto "come, stumble, marvel" the generationenzentrum had 33. Hobby and art market invited, where still no commercial exhibitors are admitted.

On sunday, too, many exhibitors belonged to the older generation, who still enjoy tinkering and, above all, making contact with visitors. So there was knitting and hooking, and the younger participants contributed many new ideas and trends. The hobbyists and artists offered a wide range of handmade accessories and creative treasures as well as artistic specialties. In accordance with advent there were wreaths and decorative articles, christmas tree ornaments, wooden objects, porcelain and ceramic goods. Knitted items such as caps, scarves, stockings and warm, thick socks were just as much a part of the assortment as a rough selection of special jewelry and decorative items.

Between the stands there was a crowd, some of the exhibitors have been there from the beginning or at least for a few years. Some know each other from the previous years. "The people of herzogenaurach are great people and very pleasant", said one of the exhibitors.

There was also praise for the organization. "They did a great job. It’s a nice room, everything really fits, there’s drinking and eating, we don’t want for anything.", herzogenaurach was praised. The exhibitors do not move from market to market, but to the markets in their communities or to the associations. "Three to four markets, that’s it, it should be fun and not stressful for us", was heard there.


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