Enchanted corners at the kulmbach markgraf-georg-friedrich-gymnasium

Enchanted corners at the kulmbach markgraf-georg-friedrich-gymnasium

What's actually behind the green tower on the third floor of the markgraf-georg-friedrich-gymnasium?? The green staircase looks like a normal classroom staircase, but it's not one. Also no storage room, no preparation room. And it is always locked. No teacher has the key.

Generations of schoolchildren have always wondered what could be hidden behind the mysterious tower in the main building of the markgraf-georg-friedrich-gymnasium. Now the principal of the markgraf-georg-friedrich-gymnasium horst pfadenhauer has solved the mystery: a steep staircase.

And this staircase leads to the traditional attic of the former upper secondary school. "Here I feel like dumbledore, the principal of harry potters school of magic", laughs pfadenhauer. And indeed: after the steep stairs there are new stairs again.

Ladders to nowhere

They can't turn on their own or change direction, but in fact everything is reminiscent of the setting in the harry potter novels. There are ladders that lead to nowhere. There are side rooms, pipes encased in plaster, and pipes and boilers that have been out of service for a long time. The curious staircase layout is due to the fact that the top floor of the main building was added at a later date.

What does not exist in the attic is insulation. "Everything here is the same as it was when the school was built", says pfadenhauer. And that was 122 years ago – as a successor to the latin school, founded in 1393 and totally destroyed in the federal state war. Even the slate roofing of the main building probably dates back to the century before last. Only the roof sheeting has been renewed every now and then, when the roof leaked.


"The attic was cleared out many years ago because of the fire load", says janitor bernhard stenglein. Only some physical instruments are still lying on the floor. And also a few remains of inhabitants: marten and bat droppings.

In the middle of the top room hangs a red weight. "This is the counterweight to the "skylight", school principal horst pfadenhauer has made inquiries. And indeed: if you open the roof hatch of the main building, the weight of more than 25 kilos is lowered.

"No one can get up here. Time has stood still here, says pfadenhauer and opens the "forbidden zone" for once, that not even the teachers get to see – let alone a schoolboy. Exchange students from spain were allowed to take a look at their "temporary" school for a change hometown dare – and ignite a veritable storm of flashbulbs. Because there is hardly a place in kulmbach with a more beautiful view of the town.

"Here you have a wonderful view over the school", pfadenhauer is also visibly enthusiastic. "The special thing about the MGF is that we are a school with tradition. We may already be 622 years old, but our main building is just 122. But we have also made the leap into the modern age. This is very important."

The excavators will soon be rolling in

In a few weeks, heavy construction machinery will be moving in. Because the extension to the MGF with a break hall, recreation rooms and library is being built between the main building and the technical building.

"When the new building is finished, everything will be handicapped accessible and meet the most modern standards", explains the principal.

It is important to him that there is no pause in the renovation of the main building after the completion of the middle building.
"If you go into the attic, you can see that there is an enormous need for an energetic renovation of the building. We have to move on immediately because the space concept for the renovation of the main building is closely linked to the new building", says the principal.

He hopes that he can also get the district council and the building department of the district administration office excited about the so-called construction phase 3 at the markgraf-georg-friedrich high school.

In addition, an elevator is to be installed in the main building – an important step forward on the way to a "school of short distances" and a school where people with disabilities can also feel at home. "The heart of our school, however, is and remains the historic auditorium with its three huge, domed arched windows. My goal is to restore it to its former glory," explains the school principal, betrayed principal pfadenhauer and has a vision for the 625. School anniversary to be celebrated in three years: perhaps the main building could be staged with a light installation, pfadenhauer considers.


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