Schauble wants to reduce the size of the bundestag

Schauble wants to reduce the size of the Bundestag

In fact, with the current system, the bundestag could get even rougher, the former finance minister said on SWR. That’s why he will continue to work "with all his might" for electoral reform, even if it almost seems like the square of the circle.

He was pleased with the SPD’s proposal to upgrade parliamentary question time. There is already agreement on this between the two main factions.

709 members of the bundestag, more than ever before. Not since the 1950s have there been so many parliamentary groups as this time, namely six.

Schauble considers the fact that one of his deputy seats in the bundestag, that of the afd, is still empty to be a transitional situation. The afd will probably have to agree on another candidate at some point. The afd candidate albrecht glaser had failed in three elections. The other parliamentary groups accuse him of calling into question the fundamental right to freedom of religion with rhetoric critical of islam.

Schauble expressed the hope that the CDU/CSU and SPD would reach a consensus in their exploratory talks. Europe is urgently waiting for germany to fulfill its important leadership role together with others. It would have been good if we had soon completed the formation of the government, said the bundestag president.


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