Hall community inhabits seniors

"Youth is already, so it is written, but even in old age one can rejoice", sang the host team of the hall community. The 120 or so senior citizens who enjoyed a happy and cosy afternoon on monday in the kronensaal in weingartsgreuth were certainly delighted.

Extracted doughnuts

the hall community had invited and the seniors from hochstadt, muhlhausen and weingartsgreuth gladly followed their call. Coffee, cakes, pies and even doughnuts were served to the visitors without any cost. For entertainment, roland umbach played the accordion and ingrid geyer played the guitar with joyful tunes. Soon the seniors joined in the familiar folk songs. The frankenlied was not to be missed, of course.
Pastor torsten bader offered a warm welcome to the visitors. The team of the hall community had its hands full. Because in the late afternoon, french sausages – fried and served as blue zipfel – were also served. "At least 60 people", treasured rosi schulz, had come alone in car pools from hochstadt. "Like a wedding" rosi schulz assessed the rough selection of cakes and pies. She belongs to the group of evangelical seniors from hochstadt nord, who meet there regularly once a month.
The hostess found it "quite great" that her hosts had gone to so much trouble with the invitation. In fact, many hard-working bakers had contributed with cake donations to the fact that a rough selection came together.
It has become a nice tradition for the saalgemeinschaft to support a good cause with a donation once a year. In previous years, donations went to the church and kindergarten. This year, for the first time, they gave the seniors a few nice hours.


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