Which cuts the corona-quarantane brings with it

Which cuts the corona-quarantane brings with it

Dr. Jan allmanritter has been the head of the health department in kitzingen for a good year now. We wanted to know from him: what work is done there in corona times? And how exactly is that quarantane?

Question: what is the level of acceptance of the people who have to go to quarantine??

Jan allmanritter: a great many people are very cooperative, many are well prepared and already behave in exactly the right way – before we call them and put them in quarantine – because they already suspect from a positive corona case in their immediate environment that they could be contacts. For example, they go into voluntary quarantine beforehand or take a test. But there are also burgers who are uncooperative and unfriendly. It is not uncommon to try to discuss fundamental issues with the employees that we cannot change. For example, recently there were parents whose child had to go to quarantine as contact 1, but the parents did not. Because there were now problems with the employer because of child care, they wanted to be put in quarantine by us as well. I can understand this wish, but we are not allowed to do that. To impose a quarantine is a massive encroachment on personal liberties and we must adhere to the uniform guidelines of the RKI.

How is that regulated with the employer?

Allmanritter: when the health department places a person in quarantine, they receive a quarantine certificate from us to present to the employer, who can claim a wage reimbursement.

How many employees are currently taking care of the quarantine and follow-up in the district office??

Allmanritter: basically the entire health department, additional staff and recently also a team from the district administration office. We have eight CTT (contact tracing teams, anm. D. Red.) and a management team, who do an excellent job. They talk to the burgers on the phone with a calm and serenity that is truly admirable. Really, everyone in the team has been doing a very good job for months, including, of course, the four hygiene inspectors, four social medicine workers, three physician assistants, five social pathologists, two workers assigned to us by other agencies, and us doctors, divided among four physician positions. Then we have retired doctors who help us out, a teacher who helps us on weekends in his spare time on a voluntary basis, seconded police officers have also worked on weekends and recently, for example, the deputy district administrator robert finster, as a former police officer, has been working with us on a voluntary basis as a CTT, as well as another retired police officer. Deputy district administrator doris paul and district councilor margit hofmann, for example, have already been on duty at the burgertelefon.

At what number of cases does the follow-up no longer work??

Allmanritter: it's hard to put a number on it. It becomes critical when many facilities are affected at the same time. When many series of tests have to be organized and suddenly school classes, kindergartens and homes are affected at the same time. As a result, the number of contacts suddenly increases by leaps and bounds. Which is why, with the contact restrictions, I hope the caseloads and contacts will be significantly less. Everyone should ask themselves for each of their contacts: am i keeping enough distance, is it sufficiently ventilated, am i wearing a mask??

How is controlled? Who controls?

Allmanritter: we call the index trap and contacts as far as capacity allows. When offenses are reported, they are passed on to the police.

What are the violations? How are they punished?

Allmanritter: for example, when we put the innopark community shelter in kitzingen under quarantine, there were three violations that were fined 150 euros each.

Are there emergency supplies for people in quarantine?

Allmanritter: especially in the first wave, there was a lot of talk about neighborhood help and shopping services. As a rule, it runs through family, friends or neighbors.

The most unusual case so far?

Allmanritter: the quarantine in the community shelter was certainly a rough case, but it could be handled well due to the spatial limitation and with the cooperation of many involved persons. Unfortunately, I have to mention dornheim here again. Many people affected in dornheim, other positive cases beyond that, as well as three affected school classes and numerous contacts – you can see what can come out of a private party.

What makes the decisions sometimes difficult?

Allmanritter: one female, one prescribes with the quarantane the people restrictions, which can bring many problems with itself: who cares for the children? Who takes care of the relatives? How does the employer react? This does not pass us all by without a trace. In addition, the legal and technical requirements are constantly changing, and it's really difficult, in addition to the heavy workload, to keep track of and communicate the new requirements to an increasingly rough team – in such a way that everyone understands and can implement them.


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