Kulmbach buttners lift a treasure

Kulmbach buttners lift a treasure

In the opinion of all those involved, it is a real treasure that was recently unearthed at an auction in munich: with the financial support of the bayreuth-kulmbach lions club, the kulmbach buttner association has purchased three guild books that document the history of the traditional buttner craft in kulmbach over two centuries. The books have now been handed over to the city of kulmbach, which intends to store them safely in the city archives and, if possible, take care of a scientific reappraisal.
It is well known that the history of the buttner guild in kulmbach goes far back into the past. The sources, however, are sometimes rather dubious. Among other things, there is as yet no reliable information about the origins of the craftsmen’s guild. "These books are therefore a stroke of luck for us", according to mayor henry schramm at the handover in the town hall. "Here are all buttner masters since the year 1655 listed." In addition, the books provide information about the apprentices who completed their training in kulmbach, about the work of the journeymen, about fees and subsidies.
Both the oberburg master and achim schneider, chairman of the buttner association, thanked the bayreuth-kulmbach lions club for its financial support. "Besides the preservation of the historical barrel dance of the barrel makers, the maintenance and research of the tradition of the buttner craft is one of the central tasks that the members of the buttner trade association have written into their statutes", according to schneider. "For us, at any rate, the acquisition of the guild books is a spectacular opportunity to bring the secret of the kulmbach buttner guild at least partially into the light."
Details about the books and what was recorded in them – including a juicy story – can be found in a detailed article as part of our aboplus offerings.


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