Grobenseebach: everything went smoothly at the kerwa

Grobenseebach: everything went smoothly at the kerwa

On monday evening the church fair in grobenseebach ended for the local boys with the "maien rausdanzn" and the "geeger rausschlogn from. After 6 p.M., the local boys, with the support of musicians, marched from the festival square into the village to pick up their dancing partners. At the top of the procession was a willow bouquet decorated with colorful banners. Only at the meeting point the local boys received the decorated skirts from their dancing partners. Returning to the festival square, the 13 couples had to circle the church fair tree. On a table, under a cloth, was the alarm clock, which would ring loudly at an unpredictable time. Whoever was holding the willow bush had to sing a church song as well.

The songs refer to current events, for example to weisendorf and its kerwa, which took place a week before, as well as to a kerwas boy, who had made the acquaintance of a nail while piling up wood for the fire for the vigil.

At the "geeger rausschlogn won kilian soba. In this discipline, the local boys had to hit a metal bucket with an arm-thick trunk, which stood for the rooster. Beforehand, the contestants were blindfolded and their sense of orientation was confused by repeated spinning. After shouts from the audience, they tried to hit the bucket. If the throw went wrong, the music was only able to elicit a few sad sounds. Only at the goal by kilian soba there was a flourish. The "geeger, a magnificent rooster had already been "organized" by georg schaub on thursday and was returned after the action also again intact.

After these efforts the couples moved into the tent, where lukas and verena showed their dancing skills in front of the audience.

According to the old custom, the winner of the "maien rausdanzn" was given a trophy a jug, but also had to keep the performers free. The winner of the "maien rausdanzn was able to receive a coffee service. After the end of the kirchweih, sometime in the morning hours, coffee drinking was the order of the day.

The local boys could look back on a successful kirchweih 2018. They put up the tallest tree in the lake creek area and no local boys managed to scale it.


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