100 Wind turbines are to rotate around bamberg

100 wind turbines are to rotate around bamberg

You should enjoy the view from the altenburg while it is still the way it is. If you stand on bamberg's highest point, you can see an unbroken forest horizon in almost every direction. Wind turbines rotate only very sporadically. Things will change when the energy transition has reached the bamberg district. There has been talk of 100, possibly even 150 wind turbines in the district since the planning association of upper franconia-west named the potential wind areas in the region. In the district alone, the flat areas account for 1300 hectares – more than twice as much as in the districts of coburg and kronach.

And that's just the beginning: if the bamberg region wants to achieve the politically agreed energy self-sufficiency by 2035, more wind turbines will have to be added: according to the authorities' calculations, up to 200 wind turbines will be spinning around bamberg.

Wind turbines also in the steigerwald

Many people must not have been aware of the potential of the results of regional planning. At least the plan, if it survives the approval process, will make it possible to build wind turbines not only in areas that have already been among the most suspicious, such as the jura mountains. In the future, dozens of wind turbines will also rotate in the steigerwald near burgebrach, near walsdorf, near trunstadt, and near merkendorf.

But what appears to be a gloomy vision of the future for some is a glittering prospect for others, especially from an economic point of view. Around 800 million euros are spent on the 210.000 citizens of the city and county of bamberg spend on energy every year, a potential analysis by the fraunhofer institute has revealed. The lowen share is flieving in the purchase of fossil energy sources such as oil and gas. For the green politician peter gack from bamberg, the conclusion is clear: "this money has been lost to regional value creation so far and could in the future go where people live."

But can the burghers even keep up in the competition for bidders?? The corporations have long since opened the race for the 1300 hectares of rough wind turbine land in the district of bamberg. Munich's municipal utilities are not the only ones said to have put out feelers to frankens hohenlagen. Also the dusseldorf-based company "naturstrom AG" interest is said to exist in a wind farm in wattendorf.

Regional plants should inform

But where can citizens who want to help shape the energy transition in the region get information, where can they get a concrete offer?? This is precisely the gap that the district is trying to fill by setting up its own regional plants. On the basis of a limited liability company or cooperative, an organization is to be created that could act as an advisor and also as an entrepreneur for all local energy transition issues. One example of how the commitment of the state can be profitable is the sassendorf wind turbine, which was built in 1998. Around 100 lenders from the region financed the project and are still benefiting from it today. "We want to take people with us and show them the opportunities that lie in not leaving energy production to the corporations alone", says robert martin, climate protection officer for the district of bamberg.

According to martin, the opportunities are considerable, especially for wind power, which has been underrepresented in the district to date. He puts the investment volume of 100 wind turbines at over 500 million euros. But because the returns from wind power are significantly higher than those from other plants, there will probably not be a lack of money: "there is a gold-rush mood. The 100 wind turbines can start turning as early as 2015", says martin.

City council signals approval

This is still a pipe dream. The "energy turnaround from below has been rather weak in the bamberg region so far, says gabriele pfeff-schmidt. The district's construction manager is currently touring the town halls and canvassing for approval for the "regionalwerke". The bamberger city council was receptive to it. The council unanimously decided to pursue the project further. The city council expects advantages, especially in the connection between the city with its close-knit infrastructure and the district with its coarse flatness.
What is important for the burghers: anyone who has objections to the flats or wants to suggest others can contact the regional planning association oberfranken-west in the consultation process. The authorities then have the duty to weigh up all the aspects, as christiane odewald from the government explains.

But opponents of wind power should be under no illusions: the energy turnaround will be hard to stop, even in the bamberg region. The demand for renewable energy is too high for this, when the last german nuclear power plants are taken off the grid in a few years' time. Wind power in particular, with its so far low share of 1.6 percent of electricity generation in the region, still has a lot of catching up to do.

Bamberger stadtwerke also wants to build wind turbines as soon as possible. As managing director klaus rubach confirms, the energy provider is currently securing sites in the county. A participation model for citizens from the region is also planned: so that the profits from the energy turnaround in the region also stay in the region.


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