Music knowledge: the game of chance in pop songs – which pop stars are real game of chance fans??

Whether the pop queen lady gaga, the rockers of gratefull deal or the legend frank sinatra – they have all sung about the game of chance at one time or another. Allusions to the game of chance in music can be found as far back as the legendary epoch of jazz. The game of chance inspired a number of rough pop songs in the last half century, for example the rolling stones with craps, the pokerface hit by lady gaga the ladies of the rough frank sinatra. In the following, we take a look at the rough pop songs of the gluckspiel and see what's behind them.

Lady gaga with pokerface

The songs lasted for years in the charts. No wonder with the catchy and above all danceable melody. The song pokerface on the first album of the popqueen lady gaga "the fame brought some dancefloors to the boil. With this song the singer definitely celebrated her breakthrough. The song was produced together with their producer redone. The content is about a woman, who thanks to her poker face never lets herself look into the cards and is a true seductress.

Frank sinatra with luck be a lady tonight

The great frank sinatrafrank sinatra was singing about love and life long before any of us could even think about it. The song "luck be a lady tonight was actually written for a protagonist in the musical guys and dolls, but became one of sinatra's greatest hits. The song is about winning a bet so that sinatra can win a lot of money and conquer the girl of his dreams.

Jerry garcia with deal

One of the greatest songwriters of our time wrote most of the songs of gratefull dead: robert huntert. Officially hunter was part of the band, but wrote many lyrics for the san francisco band that supported the free love movement on the west coast especially in the 60s. Characters, like gamblers and rand topics like the gambling game have always been treated with pleasure, furthermore both have been big poker fans. The song deal first appeared on jerry garcia's first album in 1972.

Animals / bob dylan with house of the rising sun

The original interpreters of the hit were the animals, bob dylanbob dylan subsequently released an even more haunting version of the song. After that there were countless other covers of the song. The content is about a gambler who is addicted to alcohol and spends his nights gambling. In the rock'n'roll genre this is one of the most played songs ever.

Madonna with gambler

Madonna's song "gambler" has become very famous as the soundtrack of the film "vision quest attains. The movie from 1985 is about a wrestler in high school who experiences the weather, in the music video you can see movie scenes. Madonna wrote the lyrics alone, which is not typical for the queen of pop. The text is about the fact that a life full of risk makes them feel really alive.


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