Csu at the fire department

Csu at the fire department

As part of its visits to companies, institutions and associations, the CSU city council faction inspected the fire department headquarters in kapellenstrabe. Commander harald albert explains the tasks of the bad kissingen fire department with the help of pictures. A selection of operations at fires, emergency assistance, accidents, also on the highway, showed the variety of tasks. In addition, there are regular training sessions and advanced training courses.

69 active firefighters are involved in the kissingen fire department, all of them on a voluntary basis. During the tour of the building, the rough, spotlessly clean garage with all the well-maintained vehicles was particularly impressive. Even the heavy work clothes are washed on site by the commander and his wife without special machines. When asked about problems, harald albert would like to have an additional full-time employee to be able to handle small jobs, such as the 50 door openings per year, without having to raise the alarm. When asked if he would like to see a new fire truck soon, he referred to his colleagues in reiterswiesen. There a rough loschfahrzeug is needed there as a replacement.

In conclusion, faction chairman steffen hortler thanked the audience on behalf of the CSU faction for the interesting insight into the world of the fire department and the great commitment behind it


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