Barbara stamm speaks about the “c” in the party name at the bamberger csu new year’s reception

Barbara stamm speaks about the 'c' in the party name at the bamberger csu new year's reception

One could have heard the famous pin drop, so quiet was it in the hegelsaal of the concert and congress hall. Barbara stamm spoke as keynote speaker at the saturday new year’s reception of the CSU district association of bamberg city and state. The former president of the state parliament talked turkey, read her party colleagues the riot act. Unmistakably, but in a calm tone and in her own obliging manner. Your topic: "thoughts on a christian politics".

In his welcoming address to the assembly, district chairman christian lange called barbara stamm "the social conscience of the CSU", as an "embodiment of christian values" announced. As "a star that guides us on the way like the holy three kings". Especially since the bamberg CSU has set itself the goal for 2019, among others, of "returning to its christian roots", as long as.

An eye-opening beginning to this rediscovery of the "C" the christian socialists made a statement with their invitation to the sternsinger. Three small conies including mohr from the parish st. Martin entered the hegel hall, said their blessing from the stage, and walked through the crowded rows of chairs with their collection jars. No one wanted to let their hair down for children in need, for whom the carol singers stand up.

Naturally, unterfrankin stamm, who spent her childhood and youth in bamberg, began with good new year wishes such as happiness and health. But consciously she wanted to add the wish "god’s blessing for the new year". In politics, too, she said, "it is necessary to look upward; people can achieve a great deal, but they must also reflect on what it is to be human. It is indispensable to represent the christian-occidental judaic culture without closing oneself off from other religions: "to be open-minded means to be tolerant of other opinions, religions, without giving up basic positions", the keynote speaker explained and, looking back on the past few months in her party, warned: "quarreling is of no use to us, I warn against speaking ill of people and denying them their abilities."

Taking time for the other

Stamm pleaded for "remaining in dialogue": "we must also talk about islam, which does not belong to germany, but the muslims who want to integrate and are making efforts to do so." The CSU politician referred to the refugees crossing the mediterranean to europe. "We can’t be left cold when people drown, that must be a common attitude in europe and part of our christian understanding."

Barbara stamm called it a "priority", to invest everything in education, whereas in general in education "the parents have the first responsibility for the child and not the state". The cohesion, the commitment to each other, is valid for everyone in society: "with the gifts that he has received from god". The speaker warned of increasing human coldness in times of digitalization: "at which university is there a chair for ethics in connection with digitalization??", stamm posed a rhetorical question in the room. And: "the warm hand of a human being in sickness, in death cannot be replaced by a care robot!"

Not all people could withstand today’s challenges, she continued in her speech. People with disabilities, with handicap had to "out of respect for god and man" we must not ask the question, what does man cost, but what does he need?."

The analog also liked to be lived by the people". For this it is necessary to take time for the other "and not only to write e-mails from office to office". This time was given in particular by the many volunteers: "without them, problems such as refugee assistance could not have been solved", praised tribe.

Climate change, strengthening of families and the middle class, freedom for individual responsibility, resistance to hate speech: barbara stamm delivered a fireworks of key words, which she enriched briefly and to the point. In the end, "only one who is not of this world was able to make the overall assessment of good or bad christianity", remarked the politician. And: "the CSU is not the party that my church has to pay special attention to, we have never given that impression." In the end, the church has the same problem as the parties: "it lacks confidence"." So it is an important task for the future – also for the CSU – to regain the basis of trust.

District administrator johann kalb took it upon himself to thank the keynote speaker with white orchids and silvaner from michaelsberg. Kalb did this for the parliamentary secretary of state and district chairman of the CSU bamberg-land, thomas silberhorn, who was stuck in the snow chaos on his way back from the retreat in kloster seeon and arrived late for the new year’s reception.


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