Space for 800 guests and more

Frankenfarm himmelkron remains on course for success. This was on monday evening with the official inauguration of the "frankenfarm event arena" in the former "halifax" discotheque clearly. The "frankenfarm" gastronomic establishment has the possibility to hold large events with up to 800 or more people. More than one million euros invested. Managing director jurgen stubinger and his team succeeded in creating an inviting location that was probably unique in the region.

130 employees

The "event arena frankenfarm board member hermann mohr described this as a further step in the company’s development. Frankenfarm currently employs 130 people and 20 temporary workers. Everything will be done to satisfy the increasing demand. The number of bookings for the event arena already now shows that the need for such an event exists.

Mohr, in his capacity as chairman of the newly founded frankenfarm group of companies, pointed out that the alliance of ten farmers from the region was founded almost 25 years ago: "back then, we were already proud of what we had achieved, after years of discussion and years of rejection, and then the decision was made." The frankenfarm model has been copied in two or three places, as mohr pointed out, but only in augsburg and himmelkron is it running successfully.

Among the many guests, mohr especially welcomed mayor gerhard schneider (CSU) with his deputy harald peetz (CSU), the local council as well as district administrator klaus peter sollner (). Addressing the community of himmelkron, mr. Mohr said: "we would like to thank you for the support and the cooperation that we have always enjoyed. Even when it came to some problematic issues, we always found a solution. The frankenfarm is also the ambassador of the municipality of himmelkron."

Not without pride, hermann mohr referred to the joint achievements and the efficiency of the frankenfarm: "it is a matter of the heart for us to spoil our guests with enchanting dishes. But quality also has its price, and success has to be worked out anew every day, in all departments, whether in himmelkron, bayreuth or kulmbach." According to hermann mohr, the fact that everything works so smoothly is also due to the cohesion of the farmers and the employees.

In the "event arena become an "all-round carefree package" offered at reasonable prices. Hermann mohr finally praised the efforts of managing director jurgen stubinger, his sister sonja and her partner, who takes care of the catering, as well as all the employees.

Mayor gerhard schneider said: "you are a signboard and ambassador of our community. The frankenfarm sets new standards here. Its development is an unparalleled success story, and it is also indispensable in the food sector in our district." The turnover of the frankenfarm was in the meantime in the two-digit million range, the farm stores were visited daily by 2500 customers and in the main house at least 1000 meals went out of the kitchen daily, on weekends twice as many. Also in catering, with 100000 people served per year, the frankenfarm sets standards throughout germany.

Often copied, never achieved

District administrator klaus peter sollner described the foundation of the frankenfarm 24 years ago as an outstanding idea: "it was something completely new and you have been copied, but no one has achieved the success that the frankenfarm has generated. In the beginning there were some doubters and a few envious people, but you prevailed with an excellent concept. The numbers speak for themselves."


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