Federal police accuse airlines of irresponsibility

Federal police accuse airlines of irresponsibility

Federal police president dieter romann has accused airlines of failing to comply with regulations to combat corona pandemic.

"In the last six days alone, the federal police have detected around 600 violations by air carriers during air travel arrivals," romann told the "bild am sonntag" newspaper. Passengers from high-incidence and mutation areas, for example, had entered the country without a digital registration and/or a current negative corona test, although this must be checked by the airlines before departure.

"This is irresponsible," said romann. Lack of controls is also a reason for the imposed entry bans. Romann stressed: "the airlines are now threatened per verstob and passenger bubgeld of the health authorities of up to 25.000 euro."

Since saturday, there have been wide-ranging entry bans for people from countries where particularly infectious virus variants are rampant. The countries affected are great britain, ireland, portugal, south africa and brazil; as of this sunday, the african states of lesotho and eswatini will also be affected. There is also a ban on transport by air, rail, bus and shipping companies until 17 years of age. February. Exemptions apply to all german and foreigners living in germany, as well as transit passengers and goods traffic, among others.

German interior minister horst seehofer also called for tough controls on quarantine arrivals for germans entering from high-risk areas. "The health authorities must be massively supported with personnel from the federal armed forces, the technical relief organization and other state and federal authorities for control purposes. We must prevent and fight the spread of the corona mutation with all possible means," the CSU politician told the newspaper "bild am sonntag". Seehofer appealed to all travelers returning from high-risk areas: "go to quarantines, stay at home – anything else would be irresponsible."


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