The straw bar was also present at the podeldorfer kerwa

In the most beautiful sunshine, the kirchweih in podeldorf was very well received, the organizers announce. Review: on friday the kirchweih started with an ecumenical service. The subsequent kirchweih dinner with french specialties such as schauferla and kummelbraten was enjoyed by the visitors to the fullest. They were accompanied by "benny" musically entertained.
On saturday the kerwa started with the erection of the kirchweih tree by the "strohbaren". During the parade, of course, the straw bar and its driver could not be missing, which thrilled all the spectators. The procession was accompanied by the youth brass orchestra podeldorf with musicians from all age groups. In the evening, the "calimeros" provided the entertainment for mood and dance.
Sunday started with the church service followed by a "weibwurstfruhschoppen". In the afternoon the tent concert with the musicians of the "senkrechtstarter" took place, the junior orchestra and the symphonic wind orchestra instead of. The latter also took over the subsequent evening entertainment and delighted the audience with musical delicacies.
Monday is known as family day and was also very well received. The children could let off steam with a bouncy castle, children's program by tina stahler, non-alcoholic cocktails, a boat swing, a slide show, a performance by the bamberger kasperl and much more, while the adults enjoyed good conversation over coffee and homemade cakes and pies. The evening sound of the kirchweihaus was provided by the "mood-michel and invited to celebrate and dance again. The youth brass orchestra podeldorf thanks all the helpers who made this kirchweih possible for the local residents. 


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