Splashing according to regulations

The outdoor swimming pool eltmann will be opened tomorrow thursday in compliance with the law due to the corona pandemic. According to the city administration, despite the increased administrative, cleaning and hygiene measures, both the opening hours and the admission prices will remain stable this bathing season. On the opening day the entrance for the bathing guests is even free.

In order to meet the corona requirements, a predefined restriction of visitors and bathers is necessary. Therefore, a maximum of 500 bathers will be admitted to the open-air pool this bathing season. When this legal maximum number of visitors is reached, no further access to the open-air swimming pool can be granted – not even to season ticket holders. However, this maximum number of visitors set by the legislator can be reached quite quickly on hot summer days.

It is also recommended this year to limit the number of people in the pools for sufficient safety distance. For the eltmann open-air swimming pool, this means that a maximum of 100 people can be in the swimming pool or in the pool itself. 25 people were allowed to stay in the non-swimmer pool.

But the distance rules also apply outside the swimming pool on the lawns, as eltmann's mayor michael ziegler (CSU) explains. "There are rough signs. The lifeguards will make sure that the distances are observed. But we hope for the reasonableness of the visitors." This also applies to the pool edges and the non-swimmer's pool. "We ask all our bathers, out of consideration for others, to refrain from spending hours in the water this year", it says in this connection in the communication of the eltmanner city administration.

Animal badespab stays away

Another restriction affects young pool visitors in particular: the inflatable dog in the non-swimmer pool, which is popular with children, is not accessible for the time being, says ziegler. "This is one of the attractions that we can't open at the moment because the distance can't be maintained when the children are running around on it." And special attention is also being paid to the diving tower to prevent groups from forming there: "the lifeguards will make sure that the children go onto the diving tower and jump down straight away."

In addition, the city administration has compiled a number of points to which visitors to the outdoor pool should pay attention: 1. Distance: in general, keep a distance of at least 1.5 meters from other people and respect the distance markings in the swimming pool. For people living in a common household, the distance rules do not apply to each other. 2. Admission: children under 14 must be accompanied by an adult to enter the pool. 3. Contact details: at the cash desk the bathing guests are documented with their name and secure contact details (telephone number or e-mail address). Address) one person per household and the period of stay 4. Sunbathing lawns: a minimum distance of two meters in all directions applies on the sunbathing and resting areas. 5. Pool: in the water, a distance of two meters from other swimmers must be respected (except for temporary shortfalls). 6. Slides and diving tower: the slide remains closed. The diving tower is released at irregular intervals by the lifeguard and under supervision. 7. The entry and exit points into the water should be kept clear. 8. The instructions of the lifeguards must be followed. If the minimum distance is not respected, a bathing ban can be pronounced. 9. The use of mouth and nose protection is required when entering and leaving the swimming pool (in the cashier and entrance areas), as well as when entering the toilet facilities. 10. The use of mouth-nose protection may be waived in the indoor areas; children and persons who cannot wear mouth-nose protection for medical reasons are exempt from this requirement. A distance of at least 1.5 meters must also be maintained here. 11. Visitors should always use the showers before swimming. The hot water showers remain closed. 12. The use of the toddler area is only allowed with parental supervision. 13. The dressing rooms are only partially open. 14. For hygienic reasons, no rental items such as umbrellas, sunbeds or balls can be offered. 15. The swimming pool slides have to be cleared by the guests every day. It is not possible to use the pool as a permanent locker during this season. Locked lockers will be opened and emptied by the staff in the evening. 16. When using the kiosk, follow the instructions and directions there.

Due to the admission and minimum distance regulations, there can be long queues in front of the ticket office when there are large numbers of visitors. Waiting times or even temporary closures are the result. In the event of any relaxation or change in the minimum distance regulations, the city administration of eltmann will inform you via the corresponding info channels and in the open-air swimming pool by means of a notice. Mayor michael ziegler is sure: "even if our open-air pool can accommodate fewer guests than usual this year, you will still be able to enjoy a few nice vacation days or your vacations at home in eltmann this summer." 


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