Deadlines and supporting documents: what’s changing in tax declarations this year?

Deadlines and supporting documents: what's changing in tax declarations this year?

It is said that there are people who like to be the first even when filing the tax return. If you are one of these eager members, you should know that the 2018 tax year has a few changes in store. It doesn't take much to hurry. "For technical reasons, the tax offices cannot start processing the data until march, says isabel klocke, expert of the taxpayers' association in berlin.

Even for the most zealous it does not go earlier. The examination of tax returns will be increasingly automated this year. Only specific processing is to be carried out by hand. Some things will be easier – and some confusing – in 2018. This is coming up:

1. Deadline

For the 2018 tax year, the previous deadlines for submitting the tax return will change. All those who are required to submit a tax return may take two months longer. General deadline is 31. July. With tax advisor or wage tax assistance association applies in the future the 29.February of the following year as the deadline. But beware: the general new deadlines have already been set, but will not take effect in practice until 2019.

Who believes rumors, from now on nobody must keep more to the past cut-off dates, which errs. The tax return for the past year 2017 must still be submitted according to the old deadlines until may 31, 2018. May 2018 or until the end of the year 2018 respectively.
But be careful, because in bavaria there was already an exception last year that allowed the tax deadline to be postponed by two months, as bernd werner, head of the lohnsteuerhilfe fur arbeitnehmer in gladbeck, explains. Klocke is convinced that the time buffer will probably be introduced again this year to ease the burden on the tax authorities.

2. Receipts

On the way to the electronic tax office, citizens will be granted a considerable simplification in 2018: for the first time, anyone submitting their tax return for 2017 no longer has to automatically send in their receipts for the income-related expenses, special expenses or insurance items they have incurred. Up to now: no proof, no consideration of deductible expenses. This will be different. Now the receipts only have to be kept for one year from the date of the tax assessment.

Burger no longer has to be submitted in order to be able to deduct. Who cheats with the amounts, must however always count on it to be exposed. Because: the tax office can request the documents later if necessary. Random checks to ensure that everything is stated correctly are provided for. Experts expect that this will mainly be the case for high invoices or deviations from the previous year. "It remains to be seen whether the abolition of the obligation to submit receipts will promote fairness in taxation", specialist klocke gives to consider.

3. Tax brackets

As of 2018, couples will automatically be assigned the tax class combination IV/IV after marriage. No matter whether both partners are employed or not. However, the optimal mix for the couple depends on their earnings. Newlyweds should consider switching to more favorable tax brackets immediately. A change is possible once a year from january at any time at the tax office, at the latest until 30 days before the deadline. November. It then has an effect in the following month.

The tax bracket determines how much payroll tax is deducted from the salary each month – and thus also how high the net salary paid out will be. "The earlier the couple makes the switch, the more can be in their coffers each month", explains christina georgiadis, spokeswoman for the united wage tax assistance (VLH). Another new feature is that, as of 2018, a spouse with tax class III or V can apply for a change to tax class IV/IV without the consent of the other spouse.

4. Work equipment

If professionals want to buy expensive work equipment such as a new laptop, computer, smartphone or office furniture in the new year and include them in their tax return as business expenses, they can rejoice. With immediate effect, the price limit for the acquisition of such "low-value assets" is at 952 euro (800 euro plus 19 percent value added tax).

This is almost twice as much as before. And it means: employees can fully deduct the expenses up to the limit in the tax year 2018. Until new year's eve 2017, work equipment could not cost more than 487.90 euros in order to be able to deduct the invoice in one fell swoop. If the purchase is more expensive than 952euros, the taxpayer must pay it according to the official table "depreciation for wear and tear" amortization over several years.

Basic allowance

The tax-free subsistence minimum will rise to 9,000 euros per person per year from 2018 onwards. This will raise the basic tax-free allowance by 180 euros, says the federal wage association-
tax aid associations BVL.

In addition, the tax rate will be slightly changed in order to reduce the so-called "cold progression. With an annual income of 10.In the future, 149 euros less than the previous 30 euros will be due in taxes on a total of 1,000 euros. With an annual income of 40.000 euro must be paid 8670 euro tax, the saving is 96 euro.


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