Colombia circle starts charity run

Colombia Circle starts charity run

"Walking, running, jogging." This is the motto for the charity run on sunday, 5. May, who was born at 13.30 o’clock starts at the burger center in kraisdorf. The run is organized by the "kolumbienkreis pfarrweisach", which as an initiative group supports the foundation "weg der hoffnung" supported by mainaschaff.

The run is organized and carried out in collaboration with the family circle and many volunteers from the associations and the village. There are routes of 3.8 and twelve kilometers to choose from, which can be walked, hiked, trekked or jogged as desired. Common to all the runs is the experience of the wonderful spring nature with blossoming trees, shrubs and fresh grass on paths and fields.

As in previous years, district administrator wilhelm schneider, who has known and supported the foundation for many years, has agreed to act as patron. Of course he will jog the rough route again. The mayor of the municipality, ralf nowak, also a supporter of the colombia circle, will also be present.

With an official opening and the starting shot, we start together. The joy of movement, being together with like-minded people and also the willingness to give away from one’s own wealth are the goals of this run.

At the lookout tower in the baunach meadows, which is passed by the participants of all routes, michael grob from pfarrweisach, the local gamekeeper, gives insights into the diversity of insects in species-rich meadows. Dieter muller informs about beekeeping with honeybees. For the children, the family circle offers an activity program, which is also offered at the lookout tower. To quench the thirst in between, drinks will be available at several refreshment stations. Runners who work up a sweat have the opportunity to shower afterwards at the community center. Physical well-being is taken care of. In addition, a book flea market is offered.


"In our country, people are in the fortunate position of living in a peaceful society. The situation in colombia, however, is quite different, even after the peace agreement with the guerrillas and the disarmament of the paramilitaries." This is how walburga albert, spokeswoman of the columbia circle in pfarrweisach, points out the still precarious situation in columbia.

She gives an example: little eusireny is only seven years old. She was born with down syndrome. She and her mother were driven out of their hometown by criminal gangs. Since then she lives in a hut in a shanty town of villavicencio. Diana, her single mother, sells pineapples on the street to get eusireny by. No help from the state. How fortunate that the little girl is in a home of the foundation "path of hope" reception, food, clothing and therapy finds.

An example of how the foundation’s "path of hope" help arrives for more than 2000 children and adolescents. Children can "learn to walk for life". Walking for life and survival is a good way to go for the charity run in two respects according to the motto: "the fate of poor children with disabilities moves me – that’s why i go along with them."

Walburga albert emphasizes that for 30 years now, numerous people from pfarrweisach and the surrounding area have been supporting this foundation again and again with their donations. With a voluntary donation as an entry fee for the charity run, participants have the opportunity to be moved by the plight of little eusireny and the many children of the same age with similar life stories.


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