Ebensfeld’s town center to be spared

ebensfeld's town center to be spared

In almost all villages in the market town of ebensfeld, village renewal has now helped to make the place more beautiful and lovable. In the core town of ebensfeld, such a renovation has been postponed again and again for many years. How to proceed with the renovation of the town center in ebensfeld was discussed by the town councils at their meeting on tuesday.

Several streets, squares and public buildings have already been renovated with funds from the urban development demand, said mayor bernhard storath (CSU). There is a need for renovation not only in the public, but also in the private sector. The demand guidelines provided for strengthening the town center and preventing buildings from becoming vacant.

14 hectares of rough land
The government of upper franconia has announced that a preparatory study must be carried out in those communities that want to claim funds. In the ebensfeld town center, the 14-hectare rough redevelopment area includes the redesign of hauptstrabe, kirchgasse, the lower kellbach dam and the lower strabe. In addition to public areas, the demand for private individual properties and backyards is also wanted. The preparatory study cost 40,000 euros, 40 percent of which was borne by the municipality.

"We have to think about what will happen to our town center in the future", said the mayor. "The villages all had the opportunity to rehabilitate their roads – now the core of the village was to be tackled." "Building is good, but it's not enough to keep people in ebensfeld", bernhardt gehringer (CSU) explained. A marketing concept is needed to determine what needs to be in place to offer people prospects for the future.

Peter schmauser (CSU) wanted to know what was actually planned: "what do we get for the 40,000 euros, what are they proposing to us??" After all, this is not an architect's demand program.

Basis for further planning
Mayor bernhard storath explained that the preparatory investigation, which is subsidized by 60 percent, is the basis for a core redevelopment of the village. Based on this, a formally defined redevelopment area would then be developed. In this session, it is only a matter of signaling the interest of the community in a core redevelopment of the town.


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