Courses at the laufer muhle are to be upgraded

courses at the laufer muhle are to be upgraded

"The social consensus that addiction is a very serious disease, in which there is a large number of people affected – both the addicts and their relatives – is not yet given", federal drug commissioner daniela ludwig (CSU) stated during a visit to laufer muhle. It is important to combat prejudices and to realize that addiction does not take place on the fringes of society, but right in the middle of it.

According to ludwig, the topic of addiction is on her mind on many levels, which is why she was happy to accept the invitation from mdb stefan muller (CSU). Muller is a longstanding member and advisor of the forderverein freundeskreis der laufer muhle. The reason for this visit was not only to get to know the facility, which according to stefan muller is unique in germany in various respects, but also to present the IHK certificates for the sociotherapeutic assistants and sociotherapy instructors. The certificate courses were designed by laufer muhle in cooperation with the nurnberg academy of industry and commerce for central franconia and train residents and trainees. Employees of the therapy facility from.

"Qualified ex-users"

In addition to their experiential knowledge of addiction, the residents acquire theoretical and methodological didactic tools that will enable them, after successful completion of therapy, to act in the future as contact persons and, above all, as role models and at eye level in addiction treatment or as addiction counselors in companies. These courses as well as other pioneering achievements such as the diverse forms of qualification and employment are the unique selling points of the laufer muhle.

Overall manager michael thiem presented the concept of "qualified ex-users" in detail to the federal drug commissioner and the guests and partners in front of. He sees great potential in them, especially in view of the shortage of skilled workers. The problem, according to thiem, is that former addicts are very successful therapists, as we know from self-help. Nevertheless, they have so far been classified as auxiliaries. The field of professionals is academized; the former as "life experts", as thiem calls them "are nevertheless – even without academic training – experts in the field, because they come from addiction and have overcome it, and in addition they now have this professional qualification; they are therefore experts in the truest sense of the word".

This is still the status quo. But in the meantime, with the help of many supporters, a lot is happening in the direction of recognition. Thanks to the IHK academy, a structured framework curriculum, certification with written and oral examinations and an IHK certificate for the participants have been in place for about ten years. In the meantime, the initiators are negotiating with the district of central franconia to develop a model that can at least elevate the socio-therapeutic assistants to a somewhat higher-ranking position between aide and specialist.

Arousing nationwide interest

Many partners and supporters of the laufer muhle are working on this project: the board of the friends of the muhle as financial backer, other sponsors such as helmut hack, also a member of the friends of the muhle, the IHK academy, represented by president dirk von vopelius and head of department martin mach, and the sponsor of the laufer muhle, the deutsche orden ordenswerke, represented by the head of addiction support andreas koch.

In daniela ludwig, the laufer muhle has found another partner who has also set herself a concrete task: she wants to contribute to the IHK certificate course "sociotherapeutic assistant" further spreading takes place. The german chambers of industry and commerce (DIHK) are also working to generate nationwide interest in the project.


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