Serious accident in the ottershausen ruin

The ruins of the ottershausen estate have been a popular site for lost-places tours for many years. These are explorations of abandoned buildings or sites. On saturday evening, a young man was in danger, as the police, the BRK kitzingen and the volkach fire department reported in their reports.

On saturday evening, five young people aged 17 and 18 were in the danger-of-collapse building, which was only secured by a rusty chain, when the disaster took its course: in the second half of the year, a total of 35 people were killed in the collapse. The floor of the building collapsed and an 18-year-old young man fell almost three meters to the floor below. The other four escorts were more fortunate. They were located at the edge of the room, where the ceiling was still in place.

Young man suffered multiple bone fractures

The situation was worse for her friend: he lay motionless with fractures in his pelvis and arm. The alarmed rescue teams from the fire department and ambulance service with an emergency doctor were quickly on the scene. Due to the accident report, a high rescue unit had also been alerted. According to felix wallstrom, head of the rescue service, it was not without danger for the rescue workers to get to the injured man; sliding stones endangered the helpers.

After the patient had been treated by the emergency doctor, the rescuers decided to take the injured man out of the danger zone using a so-called drag stretcher. His friends, who were in shock, were brought to safety by firefighters and cared for by sanitarians.

Due to the seriousness of the injuries sustained by the 18-year-old, the rescue helicopter from nurnberg was alerted and flew him to a clinic in wurzburg. "It’s hard to imagine if the whole ceiling had collapsed," was the tenor among the helpers.

The building, erected in the middle ages, has been left to weathering and decay for decades. Residents from the surrounding area report that adventurers and photographers meet again and again at and in the ruins, especially on weekends, although there is a danger to life there. The police investigations are led by the inspection kitzingen and still continue.

Because of the situation at the scene, the rescue team of the wurzburg fire department, the fire departments from gaibach, volkach and iphofen were alerted together with the rescue service. After the local commander had investigated the situation, the local emergency services from wurzburg and iphofen could be called off.

35 helpers on the scene

The young man was flown to a hospital with his serious injuries by the rescue helicopter called in from nurnberg. All in all, the fire departments from gaibach and volkach, an ambulance with an emergency doctor and the rescue helicopter christoph 27 from nurnberg were on the scene. In total, there were 35 rescue workers.

The volkach fire department deployed three vehicles, including the telescopic rescue platform, with 14 firefighters. Further forces were on standby at the volkach fire station, but did not have to go out on the road.


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