Hessian rhon nature park as a model region

Hessian rhon nature park as a model region

The nature park hessische rhon is one of five model nature parks in germany, which is committed to a significant reduction of CO2 in tourism within the framework of the climate protection project katzensprung (see info box). Ten nature parks had made themselves available as partners in the first round in order to be examined for their strong and weak points, according to a press release.

In the next two years, concrete measures for CO2 reduction and the development of sustainable tourism offers will be developed and implemented. Thorn ploger, managing director of rhon gmbh, based in oberbach, is pleased with this decision. Ulrich koster, the managing director of the association of german nature parks, is also enthusiastic: "we expect many new insights from which all nature parks in germany can benefit with regard to their tourism orientation.", he said.

Scoring points with the star park

"All ten nature parks we have worked with since the beginning of the project have convinced us with their versatile offers and their great commitment", says martina leicher of the tourism consultancy compass, which carried out the screening as a partner in the katzensprung project in close cooperation with the association of german nature parks.

The hessian rhon has convinced, in addition to the high commitment of all involved and the first-class conditions for offers in the field of climate-friendly tourism, especially through the star park and the well thought-out, comprehensive concept for the expansion of this experience offer.

Now it goes into the conceptual work. The hypothesis with which the project started was: there are already many good and sustainable tourism offers in germany, which have so far been little advertised and therefore not perceived by the guests. In the first screening phase, therefore, these offers in the nature parks were tracked down.

In the second phase, the katzensprung team will support the selected five nature parks in further developing their sustainable offerings and building the necessary networks. Both will then be consolidated and marketed in the region. One focus has already been set: a young target group interested in sustainability is to be specifically addressed and formed via tailor-made platforms on the internet.


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