Illegal trade in doping substances

Illegal trade in doping substances

Many people will do anything to get good muscles – even if they have to use illegal and unhealthy substances to do so. Those who take part in bodybuilding competitions can't seem to avoid pills and ampoules with growth accelerators.
Two men (50 and 55) and the 54-year-old operator of a fitness studio in the district of bad kissingen are alleged to have supplied interested customers with thousands of doping pills and ampoules from september 2015 until their arrest in december 2016, as the prosecutor accuses them before the gross criminal division of the district court.
According to the indictment, the 55-year-old, a skilled carpenter, sold doping substances to the 50-year-old fitness trainer for 32,000 euros, which the latter resold in 15 cases to six customers.
With the fitness trainer and his partner, the co-defendant 54-year-old operator of the gym, were found in december 2016 during a search of the rooms, the car and another gym in the habbergen any amount of testosterone preparations and other doping substances. In the rented garage and the apartment of the skilled carpenter in euskirchen, north rhine-westphalia, who is said to have procured all illegal substances from poland, the investigators found pills and ampoules "for doping purposes in sport" safe, the active ingredient content of which exceeds the so-called "not small amount" by a factor of 2840. The accused is: unauthorized possession of drugs for sports doping.

In custody since december

In all cases, the prosecutor of the main prosecutor's office in munich accuses the men and the studio operator of trafficking in illegal substances in such quantities that, at least for the men, a prison sentence without custody comes into consideration. Since the raid on 6. December 2016 they are in custody. The studio operator was also initially behind bars, the arrest warrant was then suspended.
At the start of the trial on wednesday, the defendants initially remained silent on the charges on the advice of their lawyers. Only to their personal relationships they want to make up. According to the report, the 50-year-old grew up on a polish farm, ran a gym in wiesbaden as early as 1992, competed professionally in bodybuilding competitions until 2001 and once became world champion. And: "every time i prepared for a competition, i worked with doping substances."

Anabolic steroids from the old country

His 55-year-old "supplier the doping commodity, trained carpenter, also grew up in poland. He also got his illegal medicines from his old homeland. Finally, he is said to be running a "classic boozer" failed in euskirchen, as he says.
According to her own statement, the gym owner is a trained pharmacy assistant, has been in the gym business since 1990 and, like the 55-year-old, has never done any weight training herself.
The trial is scheduled to last six days. He is to speak on 24. January continued. 


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