Fresh blood for the brass band hohenpolz

Fresh blood for the brass band hohenpolz

The band consists of 34 active members, ten trainees and 77 passive members. In addition to 36 rehearsals, 16 secular and 15 church performances were on the program last year. Among them were the performance at the state horticultural show in bamberg, a bohemian evening in brunn and, as another highlight, the rehearsal weekend in steinbach am wald.
Conductor daniel dippold praised the cohesion and discipline at the performances. He was also pleased that josef weib and maria distler had passed the very difficult performance exam in gold of the north bavarian music federation. Georg eisentraut, who supervises the youngsters, completed 32 rehearsals with them. Ten young people have now joined the main choir.
The new chairman is already looking forward to this young team, he said. Schug is from laibaros and is 28 years old. He joined the band in 1999 and played the rough drum. Already in 2003 he was active as a member of the festival committee of the district music festival. He plays other instruments including keyboard, drums and trumpet and also sings. In addition to the brass band, he also plays in a duo and is the organist of the parish of konigsfeld-hohenpolz.


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