No strike at germanwings

No strike at germanwings

The employers had substantially improved their offer at short notice and had responded to all the union’s points, said ufo chairman nicoley baublies in bad honnef near bonn. "The threat of a labor strike is off the table" and germanwings customers could fly off on vacation with peace of mind.

The company’s management also buried the agreement reached in the wage dispute: "we went as far as we could with our offer to the cabin crew union ufo," explained axel schmidt, managing director of the lufthansa subsidiary. The compromise is very close to the demands of the cabins’ union, but does not jeopardize germanwings’ competitiveness.

The agreement that has now been reached, the details of which still have to be set out in a new collective bargaining agreement in the coming weeks, provides, among other things, for an increase in pay of just under 6 percent in three stages over a period of two years. Part of the increase is dependent on the improvement in earnings at germanwings. In addition, there will be a one-time payment of a maximum of 1500 euros. The lufthansa subsidiary employs a good 700 flight attendants, more than half of whom are unionized, according to ufo.

The union’s demand to change the temporary contracts into permanent ones was also met. Working hours were also reorganized. In the future, ufo will keep a close eye on the long-term and "perspective" of secure jobs at lufthansa and its subsidiary, baublies emphasized.

A strike at germanwings had come at the worst possible time and had hit the company at a sensitive point. In the run-up to the agreement, lufthansa chief executive christoph franz had urged the collective bargaining partners that the subsidiary must remain favorable. If this was no longer the case due to excessively high wage agreements, germanwings would also have lost its basis for existence. The line is about 20 to 30 percent cheaper than lufthansa.

Just a week ago, the low-cost carrier introduced a new, three-tier pricing system. It is the centerpiece of a realignment of the lufthansa group in europe. In future, all german and european flights outside the frankfurt and munich hubs will no longer be offered by the parent company lufthansa, but by germanwings.


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