State election 2018: who is not allowed to vote in bavaria?

state election 2018: who is not allowed to vote in bavaria?

In the election of a new state parliament of bavaria in october, some people will be denied the right to participate in the election. The following conditions are decisive in order to be allowed to vote in the election.

Main residence bavaria

Anyone wishing to vote in the state elections in bavaria should first have a residence in bavaria. You have to have this one for at least three months. Accordingly, recently arrived can not participate in the election.

No minors

Another criterion is the age of majority. Only those who have reached the age of 18 are allowed to vote in the election. According to this, all minors are excluded from the election. The SPD and the greens had tried again and again to lower the voting age to 16 years, so that ca. 260.000 more voters to have. So far, however, without success.


Another requirement for participation in the election is german citizenship. Foreigners from EU countries not allowed to vote in state elections. You are only entitled to vote in local elections.

No disabled or sick people?

In addition, people who are limited in their daily lives and therefore depend on the help of a caregiver are excluded from the election. For example, disabled people can pay, as well as people suffering from dementia or mental illness. Of these, around 19 are in bavaria.000 people affected. Some other federal states have already enforced this rule.

Loss of the right to vote by the court

The right to vote can also be withdrawn by the court as a punishment. But this happens rather rarely.

Other prison inmates who are eligible to vote have the opportunity to vote in the state election by mail. Mentally ill offenders, on the other hand, who serve their sentences in a psychiatric hospital instead of a prison, are generally excluded from the vote.


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