Grandiose success at the german music festival

Grandiose success at the german music festival

Fully loaded with instruments, air mattresses, traditional costumes and plenty of food, the town band of the hallstadt music society set off for the german music festival in osnabruck. Every six years this rough event takes place, the city band had already participated in chemnitz in 2013.

After a six-hour bus ride, the people of hallstadt moved into their quarters. Then they made the city center unsafe. A high point was the musically framed laser show about the history of osnabruck.

After a short night, the musicians’ excitement grew as the judging game drew nearer. Around 11.30 o’clock the about 50 active musicians took their place on the stage and faced the jury, which judged orchestras from all over germany, in the highest level.

With the self-selected piece "jubilee overture" according to one of the jurors, conductor klaus hittinger had chosen a piece by phillip sparke that was written on the orchestra’s body. Also "of ancient dances by stephen bulla, the compulsory piece, was performed convincingly by the hallstadters.

The musicians used the time until the announcement of the results to listen to other competitions and stand concerts and to enjoy the harmonious atmosphere in osnabruck. At 8 p.M. In the festhalle, the musicians were eagerly awaiting the result, which was received with rapturous applause and an unbelievable amount of joy and pride: an outstanding success in the highest level, the best possible result.

The success had to be celebrated until late into the night at the rocking concert of the big band of the german armed forces at the cathedral square.

The next morning, the last highlight of the trip was still to come: the community choir with 3,000 musicians and the subsequent parade through the city center.

The weather was almost too kind, so the musicians stood in the blazing sun on the cathedral square and waited for the federal president to open the concert. After the greetings and the hymns, the musical procession, accompanied by the television station NDR, set off. The marketender barrel that was brought along was of course immediately put to use for german president walter steinmeier.

In summary it was a very successful weekend. The musicians represented the city of hallstadt outstandingly on the national level


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