Carnival parade has shrunk

carnival parade has shrunk

Untersiemau has after 50 years again a carnival procession. However, the 70 or so actors are each only 7.5 centimeters in size and are made up of playmobil play figures. After several dioramas about the christmas and easter story, which he has presented in the past years, christian vollrath now presents a small diorama with carnival hustle and bustle at the children’s house "regenbogen which will run until ash wednesday, 26. February, can be seen.

In the center of attention, a prince and princess and a few eleven-raters on a trailer, pulled by a decorated tractor, radiate a carnival atmosphere. Under the motto "once you’re in the siemauer traffic circle, there’s no turning back!" Costumed spectators lined the street, dressed as cowboys, pirates, romans, knights, musketeers, magicians, hippies, vikings, fubball fans, albrecht durer and more. And if you look closely, you might even find untersiemau pastor heinrich arnold in disguise among the miniature jesters.

There is also a clown band that plays atmospheric songs. However, they will only be used if the imagination plays along as well. Vollrath says he wants to awaken a love of carnival and the possibilities of dressing up, not only among children but also adults. "Perhaps this will give rise to the idea of once again setting up a real move in the community", he says.

By the way: next weekend the carnival procession will make a guest appearance in forchheim. Christian vollrath moves with his little fools to the southernmost town in upper franconia to take part in a world record attempt. Lovers of playmobil figures come to forchheim from all over germany to put together the longest carnival parade made of playmobil figures.

On monday it goes back again to the untersiemauer kindergarten.


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