Max gotz artfully sets the scene for watches

Max gotz artfully sets the scene for watches

It ticks quietly in the coarse exhibition room on the second floor in the house of the black mountains in oberbach. Who has overlooked the announcement in the entrance area, will be irritated. For only at second glance does he discover the reason for the ticking: uh ren, which are built into a small gesamtkunstwerk – phanta-sievoll, multi-faceted and colorful.
Harmoniously, with a great sense for details and special extras, they are assembled from the most diverse materials. No two are alike. Cheerful and bizarre are also all the other objects that max gotz from heustreu shows in oberbach. "For about five years I have been working on the watches", says the artist. "I just wanted to do something that is already – but with a practical background."
His watches have unique value. The visitor will hardly find anything comparable. And they are not suitable to be squeezed in between the picture and the wall unit. They are amazing, artistic creations that need space around them in order to work and develop.
Some of max gotz’s works are somewhat reminiscent of friedensreich hundertwasser, others of paul klee. But they are neither imitation nor copycat. Here the artist plays with found objects from nature, with stone, wood, wire, metal, with beads, strings and fabrics – and that very skilfully in his own artistic language.
The partially frayed slice of a tree trunk, left over from the fall, transformed gotz into the skyline of a large city. Bizarre stones or roots are reinterpreted by the artist from heustreu, natural stone, wood and metal are harmoniously combined by max gotz and thus become impressive art objects.
The artist, 65 years old, is a trained wholesale merchant. "But my great love has always been for the muses", he says and laughs. "Creative work and music: in the years of my professional life, they were the valve to relieve stress and the balance to the working world." Over the years, however, they became more and more an integral part of his life, says max gotz.
His creativity is not bound to specifications. Ideas seem to fly to him. He taught himself the necessary skills, especially the manual ones. Gotz obtains the quartz clock movements from the black forest "i am particular about that, they don’t come from the far east". "At the moment i am trying out sculptures, which i create from a certain molding compound", the 65-year-old adds – like a table lamp in the completely idiosyncratic style of max gotz. His works have already been shown in wurzburg and munich, most recently in the "hundertwasser"-winery in lowerisenheim.

The exhibition of max gotz is in the information center "haus der schwarzen berge" until march 2013 on view in oberbach. In winter, the facility is open from tuesday to sunday from 10 a.M. To 4 p.M.


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