Easter fountain at the gabelmoo

easter fountain at the gabelmoo

The rotary easter fountain at the gabelmann is almost a tradition in bamberg. This year, the rotary club of bamberg-schlob geyersworth will once again be selling easter eggs for charity in the week before easter. The eggs cost one euro per piece and can be taken home or – even better – they can be bought for free! – to be hung on the gabelmann fountain. Proceeds go to charitable projects in the region.
"Decorating fountains is a tradition in franconia, and we can even do something good with it", detlef frank, president of the bamberg schlob-geyersworth rotary club, stresses in the press release. "Not only passers-by are happy about the easter decoration at the gabelmann fountain, but also many needy people in bamberg, who we can support financially through the egg sale."

Saturday is the start

Furthermore, according to frank, there are already "regular customers", who every year help to turn the gabelmann fountain into an easter fountain with their egg purchase. Mayor andreas starke (SPD) and the city also support this action. The easter egg sale at the gabelmann starts next saturday, 24. Marz.


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