Against hatred and populism

Against hatred and populism

Stephan herbert fuchs it would have been hard to imagine a more topical guest for the bayreuth culture talk than the saxonian prime minister. After the fatal knife attack and the violent riots in chemnitz, michael kretschmer was on site shortly beforehand to get a picture of what had happened before he came to upper franconia.

Here, he made an urgent appeal to resolutely oppose populism and hatred and to "attack the truth system" to prevent. Otherwise there is a threat of great misfortune.

By attacks on the truth system, the minister-president meant conspiracy theories and completely fictitious stories circulating on the internet about the events in chemnitz.

Parallel worlds on the net

More and more people are living in parallel worlds of this kind and are finding information exclusively in the so-called social networks.

Kretschmer also defended the free press and, in particular, public broadcasters. In order to create a secure knowledge base, the politician wanted to increase the number of information centers at the police and judiciary in order to be able to counteract false information in a targeted manner in the future.

Kretschmer described equality, the rule of law and freedom of the press, among other things, as central values that hold our country together and make up our society. "That connects us", he said. It is important to stand firmly by these values and this democratic culture. However, this does not exclude giving others the chance to participate and to further develop the values.

Gudrun brendel-fischer, member of the bavarian state parliament, spoke about her task as honorary commissioner of the bavarian state government. Every second citizen of bavaria is active in an honorary capacity. However, long-term commitment is increasing in favor of spontaneous projects.

Brendel-fischer expressed confidence that young people will be able to participate in the "voluntary social school year" in the future to achieve. In addition to school, young people were able to volunteer two hours a week for 30 weeks and gain valuable experience.

The delegate saw it as a particular challenge for politicians to improve the conditions for volunteers, for example in the form of a lump-sum allowance for voluntary work or by increasing the amount of voluntary allowances.


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