U.s. Condemns syria’s shelling toward turkey

u.s. condemns syria's shelling toward turkey

Turkey strengthened its troops in the border area and warned its neighbor of further attacks. The community of states called on president baschar al-assad to honor the cease-fire agreement and withdraw his troops from opposition strongholds as of tuesday morning. Violence continued unabated. The opposition reported more than 150 deaths nationwide on monday.

The turkish auben ministry explained that syrian troops had fired across the border into the kilis refugee camp. A total of two syrians and two turks were injured there. In addition, 21 syrians were injured at the border, two of whom died.

In the struggle for a ceasefire in syria, peking auben ministry spokesman liu weimin called on the damascus government and all parties involved to honor their commitments. They should also cooperate with UN special envoy kofi annan to reduce tensions and work toward a political solution. The assad regime had previously called its own ceasefire pledges into question again

Syria’s leadership continues to seek support from allied russia. Auben minister walid al-muallim meets his russian counterpart sergei lavrov in moscow on tuesday. Russia, too, had recently urged assad to withdraw his soldiers from the 10. April from the cities. Both sides had to keep the violence under control until 12. April set, it blew in moscow. China and russia have so far prevented sanctions against their ally assad in the UN security council.

Originally, the troop withdrawal was to take place on tuesday morning from 6.00 local time (5.00 a.M. CEST). Both the assad regime and the opposition agreed to annan’s proposal. On sunday, however, the syrian auben ministry called for further guarantees from the u.N. Special envoy. According to this, opposition forces known as "armed terrorist groups" should also put an end to violence in all its forms. It was a misinterpretation that syria had confirmed that it would withdraw its troops on 10 june. April from cities and their environs, it continued to hammer away.

A spokesman for the opposition free syrian army then explained that guarantees had been given only to the international community, not to the government in damascus.

Annan expected in turkish border area on tuesday. There he wants to visit refugee camps. According to the government in ankara, there are almost 24,700 syrian refugees in turkey.

Human rights watch accused the assad regime of executing more than 100 people in the troubled provinces of idlib and homs in the latest military offensives. In a report published in new york on monday, it was stated that the dead were civilians as well as injured or arrested rebels, including women and children.

In rome, pope benedict XVI went. In his easter message, he also referred to the conflict, which has been going on for 13 months and in which, according to UN estimates, more than 9,000 people have already lost their lives. "Especially in syria, the bloodshed should end and the path of respect, dialogue and reconciliation should be taken without delay," he urged.


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