Reappraisal of the “thinking outside the box” demonstration picks up speed

reappraisal of the 'thinking outside the box' demonstration picks up speed

The political, legal and social reappraisal of the "lateral thinking" demonstration in leipzig, which got out of hand, is gaining more and more momentum. There was a hail of criticism of those involved from all sides.

The headwinds are particularly strong at the moment for the upper administrative court in bautzen (OVG), which had approved the assembly in the city center against the will of the leipzig assembly authority. OVG president erich kunzler expressed understanding. "Of course the judiciary must be able to be criticized. The opinion of the judiciary can also be touched," he told the deutsche presse-agentur.

The prerequisite, however, is objective criticism. He clearly rejected speculation that the decision was ideologically motivated. In many of the discussions – far beyond legitimate criticism – even assumptions were made that the judges of the OVG were corona deniers. It was an absurd assumption that judges in bautzen sympathized with conspiracy theorists, kunzler said.

Former saxon justice minister geert mackenroth had also criticized the OVG decision. The CDU politician told MDR radio on wednesday that the core issue was the court’s assessment of whether such an assembly in the city center of leipzig was permissible. The court had affirmed this and referred to a danger prognosis of the saxon police.

On saturday, at least 20 people had gathered in leipzig.000 demonstrators gathered, about 90 percent of whom, according to police, were not wearing masks, although they are currently "mandatory" at gatherings in saxony. The city of leipzig organized the rally. After that, a large part of the people forced an elevator across the leipzig ring.

As a consequence, the state government wants to limit stationary open-air gatherings to 1000 participants in the future. The prerequisite is that all participants as well as orderlies wear a mouth-nose covering and that a minimum distance of 1.5 meters is maintained between all participants. In individual cases, larger rallies are to be permitted if technical and organizational measures are taken to reduce the risk of infection.

In the leipzig city council, the organizers of the rally, the police, the OVG and interior minister roland woller (CDU) were severely criticized by almost all factions in the leipzig city council for their actions and decisions. On thursday, the interior committee and the constitutional committee of the state parliament will deal with the demonstrations in a special session that is not open to the public.


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