Insight into telemedicine

Insight into telemedicine

The women’s union of bad kissingen visited the center for telemedicine (ZTM) in the rhon-saale-grunderzentrum with its guests from the munnerstadt local association. "I don’t even know what telemedicine is", said a senior member. Florian hedrich from the public relations department of the ZTM could help. In the showroom of the building, he vividly presented the achievements of the ZTM as an inventor and service provider. Whether it was the networking of ambulances with the clinics or the networking of defibrillators with the rescue control center as well as the video communication for medical conferences – everything was very impressive. The same goes for the networked doctor’s case for the care of patients at home.

The listeners were particularly impressed by the nursing assistance system and the help for the home environment. Gladly they had bought immediately one or the other electronic aid, which is not yet possible at private persons however.

Local chairman dr. Gudrun heil-franke thanked the participants for the interesting insight into the world of telemedicine and wished them continued success.


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