The idea of a forest kindergarten in ramsthal grows

The ramsthal municipal council presented itself in its 2. Meeting of an extensive agenda, which was worked through in a constructive and disciplined manner. A focal point: the new forest kindergarten.

The change of the land use plan and the creation of a "hauslein" development plan for the already discussed new photovoltaic field in the area of the aussiedlerhofe was presented by martin beil of the planning company. Wattmanufactur, a renewable energy company from schleswig-holstein, is planning a photovoltaic plant on around 26 hectares. With the necessary marginal strips and compensation areas, around 31 hectares of agricultural land are to be used for the new facility to be built.

The cost of the plan will be borne by the energy company, which has already concluded preliminary contracts with the landowners. With regard to the development plan, a possible soil monument in the plan area is to be noted and taken into account, it still follows . Species protection law reviews. Beil informed that, if everything goes according to plan, the facility is expected to be completed in the first quarter of 2010. The project is expected to be completed in the second quarter of 2021.

The municipal council approved the preliminary draft of the plan. Mayor rainer morper (ABB/interessengemeinschaft) commented that the municipality wanted to create opportunities for renewable energies in order to support climate protection.

The plans will now be forwarded to the authorities involved and the neighboring communities for comments. The plans for citizen participation will be presented shortly and will also be shown on the internet for the first time.

The council approved the building application of joachim and renate kuhnlein for the construction of a retaining wall and a storage room for garden equipment on the property siedlung 55. He also approved the plan of klaus unsleber, who wants to build in leo-gunder-str. A partial demolition of a barn and its conversion into an apartment is planned. Exemptions from the development plan with regard to the shape and pitch of the roof were granted. Councilman daniel lohfink (ramsthaler liste) plans to build a double garage with a granny flat on his plot of land on hopfenweg. The council approved the preliminary planning also with regard to the exemption from the building boundary on the street side prescribed in the development plan. Councilman andreas gunder (ABB/interessengemeinschaft) also presented a plan for the construction of two parking spaces and a balcony extension for his house on hopfenweg. This plan also received the approval of the municipal council and the exemption from the building boundary on the street side.

The telecom informed the community that it plans to remove the base phone in the center of the village, as it is not being used. Markus lomb (CSU electoral list) said that it should be retained, as the patchy mobile radio network in the community is problematic for emergency calls. The municipal council agreed with this argument and rejected the telekom’s request.

The idea of founding a forest kindergarten in ramsthal was initiated by andreas gunder. The aim was to realize the project before the end of 2020. Despite the corona crisis and limited opportunities for meetings, gunder was able to present the first successes. He received support from the new municipal councilor florian wahler (ABB/interessengemeinschaft), who informed the municipal council about the current status. Currently, 14 people have participated in the development group of the project, which has eight children. Foreign parents are also interested. Several sites were evaluated, among them the one known as "schiebers ranch" designated flat is the favorite. The flat is owned by andreas gunder, who has made it available free of charge for the forest kindergarten.

Also for a solid roof was already provided. Winemaker rainer keller provides a container for the kindergarten, which could be adapted to the existing needs with little effort. Andreas gunder then presented the various possibilities and legal forms under which the kindergarten could be operated. In addition to the municipality as a sponsor, a special-purpose association, a limited liability company or an association could be considered. The development team prefers the association, says gunder. He cites the lower operating costs, the volunteer commitment required and the flexibility as the reasons. Nevertheless, cooperation with the municipality is desired. According to the experience of comparable kindergartens, the annual time required per pair of parents is ten hours.

According to the current plans, it would be possible to start on 1 january 2009. September 2020 to start with a group of eight to twelve children. At the beginning there is a financial need of 15 000 euro in material costs and 30 000 euro in personnel costs, which had to be financed in advance until the corresponding demands are received. Here gunder wanted to secure the support of the community in order to be able to plan further.

Klaus kemmer (ramsthaler liste) wanted to know if there was a possibility that the operating association and the municipality could be in "one boat could sit and operate the forest kindergarten together. Mayor morper speaks out for the sole association solution. Commitment and costs are clearly better here. He could imagine an interest-free loan from the community as a start-up aid.

Daniel lohfink says: "the forest kindergarten is a top thing". The municipality could thus solve the occupancy problem and save several million euros for a new building that would otherwise be necessary. The mayor nevertheless sees a need for action for various modifications to the existing kindergarten. His predecessor in office alfred gundling (CSU electoral group) is also against a mixture of association and community, but for financial support.

Markus lomb criticized that the community council wanted to dictate a legal form or operator to the actors of the development group. He thinks that one should act according to their ideas.

The council sends florian wahler, roland kuhnlein, markus lomb and andreas gunder to a working group with the initiators of the forest kindergarten for the development of a contract, which will be presented in the next meeting as a proposed resolution. In the meantime, contacts are also to be made with the necessary authorities with regard to the possibility of obtaining approval.

After a developer’s plan for the reichlersweg development area was rejected at the last meeting, a new situation has now arisen. The former carpenter’s workshop in the area was sold to a printing company. The building site was not connected to the canal until now, which now has to be made up for according to the specifications of the district office. The municipal council decided to connect the building to the sewer in the triebweg. According to the district administration, the municipality is not obliged to further develop the area.

The municipality has set up a burial ground in the cemetery in which anonymous burials can also be carried out. It was foreseen that a stele would also be erected on which a nameplate of the buried could be placed if there was interest. Local councillor stefan sixt (CSU electoral group) presented here a draft he had created himself. The building committee wants to get a picture on site and present a proposal at the next meeting.

On the status of the planned new building area "am wengert 2" the mayor informed that for the available 16 building sites are currently registered 21 applicants. The expected costs per square meter were between 90 and 100 euros.

In order to assess the current level of interest in a building site, morper proposed to write to them as in other communities and to ask for a reservation fee if interest continues to exist. The fee was later offset against the cost of the site. If the interested party later withdraws and does not provide a replacement buyer, the reservation fee will be refunded minus an administrative fee. This is to give the community a realistic assessment of the need and to be able to better plan further mabnahmen. The municipal council decided on a reservation fee of 5.000 euros per building site and an administrative fee of 1.000 euro in case of return. The interested parties are now to be contacted in the order in which their applications were received. There is also the possibility of selecting a specific building site.

The mayor informed that a cleaner is needed for the town hall and the toilets. Applications can be submitted to him or the VG.

The maintenance of the various community plant islands and tree discs leaves room for improvement in the opinion of the mayor. Since the processing is not feasible by the municipal workers, he suggested to hire a company to do this or to employ a 450 euro worker for this purpose. Weakly he signaled the hope that the residents could take care of this flat. Various suggestions were made from the council as to how the residents could be supported. In the end, the decision was made to find a low-paid employee for this task.


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