20.000 Euros in damage in an accident in kulmbach

20.000 euros in damage in an accident in kulmbach

A traffic accident in which the driver suffered minor injuries and three vehicles were damaged occurred on saturday at noon at the junction of the B289 and the B85 in the direction of kronach.

Traffic lights were out

At the junction in saalfelder strabe, the traffic lights were out at that time. A 27-year-old woman coming from the center of town and wanting to turn left onto the B 289 in the direction of untersteinach failed to see an oncoming car with the right of way. The 41-year-old driver of the car was unable to prevent a collision – the front of his car crashed into the passenger side of the woman who caused the accident. Their car was in turn pushed against a third vehicle.

Only the 27-year-old was slightly injured in the accident. The ambulance service took the woman to the kulmbach hospital as a precautionary measure.

The vehicles involved suffered total damage of around 20.000 euro. The kulmbach fire department was on the scene to regulate traffic and clean up the spilled fuel.


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