Two bishops congratulate the adelsdorf missionary circle

two bishops congratulate the adelsdorf missionary circle

The celebration of "30 years of the adelsdorf mission circle" was marked by love and friendship. "I have never seen two bishops together in st. Stephen buried", parish priest thomas ringer said proudly after the festive procession with flag delegations, the communion children and a large contingent of altar boys.

Bamberg archbishop ludwig schick first thanked the smallest members of the parish who buried him and his ugandan colleague bishop john baptist kaggwa, known as johannes for short, and sang about friendship with jesus. "Uganda is one of the poorest countries, and the special task of the world church includes mission and development aid", the head pastor of the archdiocese of bamberg and world church bishop of the bishops’ conference. Being helpful means not only transferring money, but also building values.

The archbishop also addressed the cross in his sermon. Jesus gave his whole life for his friends and fulfilled this on the cross, thus completing his life’s mission. "The cross is the sign of the love that jesus gave us. It is the testimony of the life of jesus christ, a life of goodness and mercy", said the archbishop. And it is valid for all people worldwide, it embraces all and brings all together. "Jesus died not only for a few people, but for all people, and so all should share in his love – all should become friends of jesus." He thanked the mission circle and the pastoral area of adelsdorf: "i thank you not only for the last 30 years, but i also ask god’s blessing for the future"."

A donation of over 8500 euros

Representing the team of the mission circle, the chairwoman gertrud stubenvoll said a heartfelt "thank you" to her fellow campaigners, but also to the church service visitors present, and she was especially pleased about the presence of the two bishops. Symbolically, at the end of the service, which was festively framed by the music and singing association, she presented bishop johannes with a symbolic check for 8,500 euros. "Our goal is to build ten to twelve new wells, and seven have already been paid for. Three to five more to follow." Every euro goes straight to uganda, she assured.

Mayor karsten fischkal () also expressed congratulations on behalf of his hemhofen colleague ludwig nagel (CSU). "For us, clean drinking water is so self-evident! Let us think of our friends in uganda when we turn on the tap!" He also presented bishop johannes with an envelope of well money. The archbishop received from him a small ornamental fountain.

Even the communion children had collected eagerly and raised the money – a handsome 1200 euros – for a fountain. They presented the check to bishop johannes and sang the song of love that lives. Bishop johannes was moved and brought pit from his dioecese massaka in uganda. He thanked for the lively partnership and the rough help. At the common song "grober gott wir loben dich" ("great god we praise you"), accompanied by trumpets and the choir, everyone moved from the church to the garden of the parish center, where the secular part of the festival was celebrated in beautiful weather and with the accompaniment of the adelsdorf musicians.


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