Free traffic and free parking spaces? Free opinions

The protest is still ringing in the ears of many of the participants at the celebration hour: exactly three months ago, after decades of preparation, traffic calming in the city center became a reality and the" power struggle on the road handed over. At that time, a resident of neubruckentorstrabe already complained about the speed limit: in front of her house, of all places, drivers were slowing down or parking in front of her house. Accelerate, because that's where the zone begins, which is made clear by a corresponding paving that "also already bumps", the complaints of other neighbors were as follows.

The protest has long faded away. The speed limit of 30 km/h and the parking regulations are respected by the traffic participants. At least that's the opinion of police chief inspector berthold schineller, the traffic officer of the police in ebern. "We have not received any complaints", the official is pleased.

Less traffic in the city center
On the contrary: the chief commissioner, a true eberner, and his colleagues have noticed many positive developments in the course of the last few weeks. "In any case, there will be no more speeding across the marketplace and through the streets of the old town." And the number of "transfer trips without a concrete goal also sank. "From my circle of acquaintances I hear again and again that they now drive around in the hood because they have to pay more attention when driving through the city because of the right-before-left rule and can only drive slowly."

So another goal also had to be achieved: minimizing the number of (wild) parkers, was always one of the premises. "There is too much tin in our beautiful old town", complained mayor robert herrmann (CSU) again and again.

While the new regulation of temporary parking only on designated areas seemed to boost parking morale, the number of "sinners" is on the rise after three months however recognizably again. "Violations are observed again and again in front of the pharmacy at the gray tower and in front of the doner", female berthold schineller.
And also in front of the cosmetic store and the "reading island" time and again, people parked the wrong way are stranded, all with the same excuse: "we just wanted to have a quick look at the lowered curb …"

No patrol
There are usually enough short-term parking spaces available in the sutte, just a few meters away, as the staff of the nearby nursing home have meanwhile moved out. But in the meantime, there are also fewer and fewer parking spaces behind the windshields in the sutte, residents complain.
"We are already writing down within the bounds of our possibilities", PHK schineller announces the end of the "closed season", but at the same time: "but it's not like we send a police officer through the city every day. That is not our main task. For this purpose, the city had to hire a parking surveillance service."

According to the traffic expert, there have been no reported accidents in the past three months. "In any case no right of way violation." What surprised even the men of the police department. "So it works, often both drivers stop at a junction, because they first have to get their bearings", has observed schineller.

And other places are also approached with caution: the junction of rosengasse and sutte raises a question for many road users: who has the right of way?? "These are subordinate roads, so the one who wants to get out of rosengasse or sutte always has to wait" schineller and the traffic officer in the city council, harald pascher (FDP).

Subordinate roads
And how does otto normal-autolenker recognize that these roads are subordinate? "At the lowered curb", is the clear answer.
This may still be visually recognizable to passing traffic on the town hill in front of rosengasse. At the sutte it is more difficult, because the curb was kept flat anyway due to the narrowness of the kapellenstrabe in this area. "But it's still a few centimeters", berthold schineller found out at the local appointment with our editorial office.

Signs soon to disappear
More important in this case: the sutte has long been designated as a game trabe, thus subordinated. You have to know and pay attention.

This applies in the near future also to the other right of way changes. The temporary signs were only allowed to remain in place for "three months" – according to the police officer. And the three months have passed on sunday.

Certainly also a topic for the burgers' meeting on wednesday, 27 june. November, at 7 p.M. In the town hall hall, where mayor robert herrmann will be confronted with initial reports on experiences from traffic participants and residents, and will make statements. He has experience: after all, he lives in the same neighborhood.


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