Young people use digital games for longer during lockdown

Young people use digital games for longer during lockdown

Children and teens spent 75 percent more time playing digital games during the corona lockdown, according to a study.

This is the result of a study on media use conducted by the health insurance company DAK-gesundheit together with researchers from the german center for addiction issues in childhood and adolescence at the university hospital hamburg-eppendorf (UKE), which will be presented this wednesday in berlin.

According to the study, children and young people between the ages of 10 and 17 who play games at least once a week use digital games on tablets, smartphones, game consoles or pcs for a significantly longer time: while in september last year the average time spent playing games on weekdays was 79 minutes, in april – around four weeks after the start of the corona lockdown – it climbed to 139 minutes.

"Our study shows that we urgently need a reliable and comprehensive early warning system against media addiction," DAK chief executive andreas storm told the deutsche presse agency. It mustn’t take long to recognize those affected and offer them help. In addition to children, guardians in the approximately 1,200 families were also surveyed in the representative study.

The federal government’s drug commissioner, daniela ludwig (CSU), spoke of a "sharp increase" in view of the figures, which could not be allowed to continue in this way. "What we need is better media competence, especially among children and young adults everywhere in germany. You have to know how much is still "OK" and when it becomes "too much"," ludwig told the newspapers of the funke media group (wednesday).

Ludwig told the news portal "the pioneer" (wednesday): "these are developments that are crying out for us to talk more about this topic in families, to develop better information and prevention offers, to offer more orientation for everyone in the digital jungle."On this wednesday, the drug commissioner will also present a new campaign for healthy use of digital media.


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