Nursing home evacuated – three residents missing!

Kronach/neudrossenfeld (bu) it was just a drill, but the scenario is nevertheless realistic: after a deflagration in the heating room of the BRK old people’s and nursing home rotmaintal in neudrossenfeld, a fire alarm was sounded. The nursing home was then evacuated by the neudrossenfeld volunteer fire department as a precautionary measure, and the fire was extinguished as it arose. After the fire department had cleared the nursing home, all the residents could be taken back to their rooms. During the subsequent check, it is discovered that three residents are missing. The names of the missing are known, also the last place of sighting could be determined.

At this point, the rescue dog team of the mantrailing working group from kronach was alerted to search for the missing persons. Together with the BRK bereitschaft neudrossenfeld, the rescue dog handlers and their four-legged friends search for the departed seniors in the context of a mission test. Such a test must be passed by the search dog teams on a regular basis – at least once a year – in order to be included in the alert team. The time required to complete the task was 90 minutes. Not only the search dog teams were tested, but also the cooperation with the local BRK rescue team and the volunteer fire department. All search teams were monitored in real time by GPS so that any potential for improvement in the operation could be identified.

"We learn from the things that don’t work," says manfred burdich, chairman of the mantrailing working group, analyzing the deployment test. During the debriefing, he also thanked frank schulte – himself a rescue dog handler with the mantrailing working group and an active member of the BRK for the excellent organization. Burdich comments: "it’s not easy to get everyone on board: the management of the nursing home, the fire department and the BRK rescue team. We thank you all the more for your commitment, which is not self-evident for a long time."The managing director of the BRK kulmbach district association, jurgen dippold, was also immediately enthusiastic about the idea of this outreach test. "We bury this action expressly and are pleased about your commitment," said dippold in a message to all those involved.

Photo: the photo shows andrea schulist-sandner from the mantrailing working group during the live monitoring of the search dog teams via gps.


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